Welcome to Thebes

The brilliant turnout of this year’s ‘Welcome to Thebes’ could only be credited to the commitment of the cast, directors, tech crew, hair and makeup team and countless others who allowed the play to witness such success. During the performance, the cast managed to fully convey the tense and brutal nature of which the play was written, however we shared many a humorous moment between scenes. Despite the dark nature of the play, rehearsals were always kept light-hearted and the cast remained cheerful throughout; a prime reason why working on the play was so enjoyable. Being a younger member of the cast, the ability to witness more experienced actors rehearse was inspiring, their dedication and talent reflected through the success of the play. Even though the play was over two hours long, I especially admired how the actors maintained their energy and concentration throughout, putting their all into every scene. Not only did I learn a lot from watching these fantastic actors perform, but also from performing alongside them. As child soldiers, our primary role was to create a tense, solemn atmosphere in the play, so to our great delight we were allowed full rein of the audience. It’s fair to say that we all took great enjoyment in terrifying the audience, and from begging to sitting in their seats, we were able to create this mood whilst having a great deal of fun. Another advantage of our role was that we were allowed to take full advantage of the set, although this consequently entailed sliding under the stage at high velocities, which, as one can imagine, didn’t always go as smoothly as planned. This minor hurdle, however, is minute in comparison to the challenges overcome by Dr.Tait and Alex (LVIE) and the endless dedication of those involved. It is due solely to their time and determination that ‘Welcome to Thebes’ became such an unforgettable performance for both audience and cast.

By Alannah (LVR)


Assistant directing 'Welcome to Thebes' was a wonderful experience, as I had the opportunity to find out what goes on on the other side of the curtain, having previously been acting. It was so rewarding to watch the process unfold from first auditions, to the final three shows. There was also a range of ages in the play, so it was lovely get to know each of them, and consequently feel a strong sense of pride whilst they were performing. Additionally, I learnt an awful lot - not just about directing such a large, whole school production (with all sorts of fabulous complications such as blood packs and fire), but also from the actors themselves, as I got to work so closely with them, and so regularly. It was one of my most enjoyable experiences at LEH, and I really am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to help direct the show.

By Alex (LVIE)

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