Ways of getting involved

Alumnae play a vital role in supporting the school in its aims and activities, by getting involved in a variety of ways. Ambassadorial roles include: offering careers assistance to pupils and other alumnae, becoming a year, regional or overseas representative, helping us to expand our alumnae contacts, contributing to newsletters or featuring on the school's website. For more information or to participate in any of these activities, please email alumnae@lehs.org.uk.

Careers Help

Each year, the school's Careers Department organises a wide range of events to help current students both in their career aspirations and make informed choices about their future beyond LEH. These include: a careers evening, a careers café, and a variety of work placements for pupils. They also arrange a number of ad hoc talks to students about a particular career choice, including by Skype, if preferred.

Please contact Careers (careers@lehs.org.uk) if you, a family member, a friend or colleague are able to help current pupils with any of the areas listed above.

For alumnae, the school organises career networking events and facilitates a group on LinkedIn called The Lady Eleanor Holles School Alumnae. To those who are well-established in their chosen profession, please consider attending an LEH career networking event or becoming an e-mentor to offer advice and information to alumnae in the early stages of their careers.

Year, Regional or Overseas Representatives

Year group reunions are popular but can be daunting for those who have not been in contact with their peer group or the school for some time. Year Representatives can act as a familiar point-of-contact and encourage attendance at reunions.

In order to involve a greater number of alumnae who have moved away from London, we are planning to establish a number of regional LEH networks. If you would be willing to be a friendly local point-of-contact and occasionally help organise LEH activities local to you, please consider volunteering as a Regional or Overseas Representative.

Providing alumnae contacts

It is great to know that so many of our alumnae stay in contact with their school friends long after they have left LEH. If you have school friends who are no longer in contact with the school, please encourage them to get in touch or provide us with their email address (with their permission) to enable us to re-establish contact.

Newsletter contributions

The alumnae newsletter is distributed to over 3000 alumnae twice a year. We are keen to receive submissions for the Noticeboard and News and Reviews sections - it may be personal news such as marriage or emigration, professional news such as a qualification or award, a review of a school reunion, promotion for an upcoming event or activity, or perhaps a ‘Would like to Find' plea. We endeavour to publish all submissions; however, due to space limitations, some editing may be necessary.

Alumnae Profiles

We are enormously proud of the varied and interesting life stories our alumnae have to tell, including their current careers, their experiences at university, and their time with us here at LEH. We would be very pleased to hear from anyone willing to add their profile to the current gallery on the web-site. Please click here to visit Profiles page.

For more information or to participate in any of the opportunities listed above, please email alumnae@lehs.org.uk.