Tri-County Lacrosse Tournament

The Senior & U15 Lacrosse teams participated in their annual tri-county lacrosse tournaments on 24th September 2017.

The U15B and 2nd and 3rd teams played a round robin tournament with the U15B team came 2nd, the 3rd team came 5th and the 2nd team came 3rd.

The U15A team beat St Helens convincingly in the semi-final and then met Benenden in the final which went to extra time. LEH narrowly lost 3 – 4.

The 1st team had an incredible day. They met Wycombe in the semi-final beating them 9 – 0, then Benenden in the final, a re-run of last year’s National Final and LEH won 4 – 1.

MVPS were

Zaynah (LVQ)

Maddie (UVS)

Catie Cowan (LVIC)

Kate (LVR)

Hannah (UVIG)

Cece (UVIG)