The Egg Project - LVI Psychology

It was an egg-citing week in LVI Psychology at the beginning of February with all the students tasked with taking care of an egg, much as if it were a child. They were able to see just how demanding it is to manage time and understand the needs of a baby, as well as forming attachments, with some long farewells when it came to returning the eggs. Unfortunately some of the eggs did not survive the experience (!) but the LVI psychologists have deepened their understanding of attachment and experienced first-hand the psychological difficulties of it, ready to apply their new knowledge in their lessons. Alice felt ‘It was hard because I gave so much, and she [the egg baby] gave nothing back’. Ilisha says, ‘It was a cracking few days!’. Well done LVI – below are some egg-scapades.

By Mrs Hughes - Deputy Head


At the start of February, LVI Psychology students recieved an egg with the instructions to take care of it as though it were a child. Our first task was naming our new addition to the family in order to increase our sentimental attachment to it. Most of the names were along the lines of Eggward or Eggwina, but some were more inventive such as Ricardo Alejandro Luigi Roberto the Second (no prizes for guessing whose egg that one was!). We had to stay with our baby at all times and take it to our lessons and after school activities, because egg-noring our babies was not an option. Baby-sitting was available for those doing lacrosse as breakable eggs and lacrosse sticks are a high wisk recipe for disaster. We were asked to take photos of the daily activites we did with our “baby“ and filled in a journal of how we thought our egg was feeling and if its needs were met appropriately. This was so that we could eggs-perience the diffulties psychologists have to overcome when researching infant attachment and remember our first-hand insight when looking at the ethical issues of child observation studies in our lessons. On the final day of the project, I think I speak for us all when I say that we were relieved when our motherly duties had come to an end.

By Hannah (LVID)


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