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"Though I am not yet a mother, I can already say that I would want my daughter to attend LEH. There are undoubtedly thousands of parents who feel the same way, many of whom would struggle to realise this dream without the help of the LEH Bursary Fund."


Bursary Fund Galton-Ayling image"I was lucky enough to be a recipient of an LEH Bursary throughout my school career, from the age of 11 to 18. There are no words to describe the impact that the school has had on me, so it must suffice to say that it made me who I am today. The outstanding teaching and pastoral support allowed me to triumph over personal difficulties, and fulfil my ambition of reading English Language and Literature at Oxford University. LEH prepared me for university by instilling a passion for learning which was impossible to shake off, and by giving me the confidence to believe in my own abilities.

The opportunities which I was offered during my time at LEH were staggering. I joined all of the sports clubs my timetable would allow, and became captain of the fencing team. I chaired an MUN assembly in which we hosted hundreds of students from across the country. I went on a school trip to China to help me with my History A-level, which undoubtedly accounted, at least in part, for my getting 100%. The charity mentoring schemes which were set up to help disadvantaged children from the local community endowed me with empathy and passion to work with children in the future. This is just a tiny insight into the plethora of incredible opportunities which I was given during my time at LEH. My childhood and adolescent years were vivid and culturally rich, undoubtedly much more so than they would have been were it not for the Bursary fund. 

I am now myself a teacher, which is a testament to how highly I regarded my own teachers. I respect the profession so highly that my career choice was based solely on how my teachers made me feel. If I can have half of the impact on my students that my teachers had on me then I have an incredibly fulfilling career in front of me. The only difference is that I am teaching in a far less privileged school than LEH. I made this decision because I am conscious that I was only able to attend such a fantastic school because of my bursary. There are many other pupils in this country who could be afforded the same success as me if only they had access to the same education. The Bursary Fund goes a long way to address this educational inequality.”

Georgia Galton-Ayling - LEH alumna and Deputy Head Girl, 2006-2013


Bursaries and Scholarships – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?

Scholarships are awarded purely on merit, irrespective of financial circumstances of the applicant’s parents, and bursaries are awarded on financial need.

Can you hold a scholarship and a bursary?

Yes, but the maximum assistance is 100% of the fees.

What are LEH’s eligibility criteria in terms of income threshold? 

Parents/guardians whose combined income is less than £25,000 can expect to receive a 100% bursary, whilst those with a combined income of over £65,000 are unlikely to qualify for assistance. Further information may be found on the website and in the bursary policy.

How much does the school spend on bursaries each year?

This year, LEH will spend approximately £1m on bursaries and financial hardship assistance.

How many girls receive bursaries?

In 2015-16, 24 girls received full bursaries, and 23 received partial bursaries.

How are bursary holders assessed?

A financial disclosure form must be completed, together with supporting documentation.  An external agency then reviews it, visits the parents at their home and prepares a report summarising the family’s financial situation and recommending the amount of any bursary award. The Head Mistress and the Finance Director review the reports, as part of the admissions process.

Do bursary holders get help with the cost of uniform, trips etc.?

Bursary holders receive relief in the same % as their bursary award for lunches, coaches, curriculum trips, uniform and iPads.

What happens if a family’s financial circumstances change?

Bursary awards are reviewed annually through submission of an updated disclosure form.

Does LEH have a ‘hardship fund’ to help families cope with a sudden change in financial situation? 

There is no fund for existing parents (bursaries must normally be sought in the year of entry) but any hardship case is assessed on its merits.

How are bursaries funded?

LEH is not supported by any Trust or Foundation. Currently, nearly all bursaries are funded through fee income. 

How can I help? 

If you would like to transform a girl's life, please contact our Development Director, Jennifer Blaiklock, to find out more. 

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