The Bursary Fund

LEH Bursuary Fund logoYour opportunity to transform a young person’s life

Understanding that an investment in an LEH education will have a transformative impact on a pupil's future, LEH is committed to building a community of talented, intellectually curious and passionate students from a wide range of backgrounds, regardless of their financial circumstances. LEH currently supports approximately 50 girls, the majority of whom are on full bursaries. It is our ambition to double this number over the next few years and we are hoping that through the generosity of our parents and alumnae, we will achieve our goal- to give more students the chance of an unparalleled education and a bright future.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between a Scholarship, an Exhibition and a Bursary?

Scholarships and exhibitions are awarded purely on merit, irrespective of financial circumstances of the applicant’s parents, and bursaries are awarded on financial need.

  1. Can you hold a Scholarship and a Bursary?

Yes, but the maximum assistance is 100% of the fees.

  1. What are LEH’s eligibility criteria in terms of income threshold?

Parents/guardians whose combined income is less than £40,000 can expect to receive a 100% bursary, whilst those with a combined income of over £90,000 are unlikely to qualify for assistance. Please note that other income or non-income wealth may be taken into consideration, so the decision is not based on income alone.

  1. How many girls receive bursaries?

Although the number varies from year to year, approximately 50 pupils benefit from bursaries each year, with the majority being full bursaries.

  1. How are bursary holders assessed?

A financial disclosure form must be completed, together with supporting documentation. An external agency then reviews it, visits the parents at their home and prepares a report summarising the family’s financial situation. The Director of Finance in turn reviews each application and report prepared by the external agency.

  1. Do bursary holders get help with the cost of uniform, trips etc.?

Bursary holders receive relief in the same percentage as their bursary award for lunches, coaches to and from school, curriculum trips, uniform and iPads. If they have a 100% bursary, then 100% of these additional costs will be met.

  1. What happens if a family’s financial circumstances change?

Bursary awards are reviewed annually through submission of an updated disclosure form. However most bursary awards do not change during the course of a pupil’s enrolment at the School.

  1. Does LEH have a ‘hardship fund’ to help families cope with a sudden change in financial situation?

There is no specific fund for existing parents but any hardship case is assessed on its merits.

  1. How can I help?

If you would like to transform a girl’s life, please contact our Development Director, Jennifer Blaiklock to find out more.

For full details of LEH’s Bursary Programme, please see Financial Assistance for New Parents Policy