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LEH Bursuary Fund logoYour opportunity to transform a young person’s life

Active participation by the LEH community has been instrumental in fostering our school’s tradition of excellence. Our students successfully balance outstanding scholarship with impressive achievements in sport and exciting creativity in the arts and beyond.

Our aim is to ensure that LEH is a school full of opportunity, challenge and friendship; a place to take risks and become bold; a place to discover passions, talents and themselves; a place that nurtures remarkable women.

With your help, we will be closer to making the opportunity of an LEH education available to any bright girl who wishes to come here, regardless of her family’s financial circumstances.

Your participation and generosity will make a difference not only to our students but to our entire school community.

Best wishes,

Heather Hanbury - Head Mistress


Read how the Bursary Fund has helped these alumnae to realise their potential


Soshin Limbu, LEH 2010 - 2017

F.Bursary stories Soshin GeneralHaving both grown up in rural Nepal, my parents had limited opportunities in school to achieve their full potential. Much of their day would be spent labouring on the family’s farm, leaving little time for study. In their early twenties they decided to leave the country, and everybody they knew, to pursue a better education for their children. I cannot imagine how immensely difficult it must have been for them to rebuild their lives in a completely foreign country.

When it came to the all important decision of choosing a secondary school as an 11-year-old, I remember having my heart set on LEH entirely. I also knew that, given my family’s background, the option of attending this school would be near impossible due to the financial burden it would place on us; that is, until I found out about the school’s bursary scheme. Throughout my school career, I have been very fortunate to be a recipient of this bursary, making it possible for me to study here.

I often think about how different my school experience has been to my parents’. Although they have suffered a lot of hardship for us to live a comfortable life, I hope that one day, I will have accomplished enough in my life to prove to them it was worth it all. The opportunities that I have been presented with at LEH have given me the confidence to take my aspirations way higher than they may have been if I had not studied here. It is immensely humbling to know that the Bursary Fund has played such a significant role in this, and for that reason I am eternally grateful for the generosity of all the donors to the scheme.

I hope that there will come a time when the Bursary Fund is sufficiently funded to overcome financial barriers and educate every girl deserving of a place at LEH, and so I sincerely urge all those who are in the position to do so, to donate and give more girls like me an opportunity that I have been so privileged to receive.


Georgia Galton Ayling, LEH 2006-2013

F. Bursary stories GeorgiaThough I am not yet a mother, I can already say that I would want my daughter to attend LEH. There are undoubtedly thousands of parents who feel the same way, many of whom would struggle to realise this dream without the help of the LEH Bursary fund.

I was lucky enough to be a recipient of an LEH Bursary throughout my school career, from the age of 11 to 18. There are no words to describe the impact that the school has had on me, so it must suffice to say that it made me who I am today. The outstanding teaching and pastoral support allowed me to triumph over personal difficulties, and fulfil my ambition of reading English Language and Literature at Oxford University. LEH prepared me for university by instilling a passion for learning which was impossible to shake off, and by giving me the confidence to believe in my own abilities.

The opportunities which I was offered during my time at LEH were staggering. I joined all of the sports clubs my timetable would allow, and became captain of the fencing team. I chaired an MUN assembly in which we hosted hundreds of students from across the country. I went on a school trip to China to help me with my History A-level, which undoubtedly accounted, at least in part, for my getting 100% UMS. The charity mentoring schemes which were set up to help disadvantaged children from the local community endowed me with empathy and passion to work with children in the future. This is just a tiny insight into the plethora of incredible opportunities which I was given during my time at LEH. My childhood and adolescent years were vivid and culturally rich, undoubtedly much more so than they would have been were it not for the Bursary fund.

I am now myself a teacher, which is a testament to how highly I regarded my own teachers. I respect the profession so highly that my career choice was based solely on how my teachers made me feel. If I can have half of the impact on my students that my teachers had on me then I have an incredibly fulfilling career in front of me. The only difference is that I am teaching in a far less privileged school than LEH. I made this decision because I am conscious that I was only able to attend such a fantastic school because of my bursary. There are many other pupils in this country who could be afforded the same success as me if only they had access to the same education. 


Simrah Basit, LEH 2010 - 2017

F.Bursary stories SimrahI received a bursary throughout my seven years at LEH. The bursary scheme enabled me to receive an excellent education and be part of a welcoming and exciting community, which I would not otherwise be able to access.

My success at LEH can definitely be attributed to the high standard of teaching. The one thing I valued most about the teaching at LEH was the amount of individual support from staff members. Teachers were always on hand to help with any problems, which ensured that I could work to the best of my potential. Without financial support, I may not have achieved such a high level of academic success at GCSE and A level, which enabled me to gain a place at a Russell Group university.

My bursary also allowed me to supplement my education with residential and international trips, for example to the USA and Iceland. I have been lucky enough to experience new cultures and sights, whilst simultaneously learning about my subjects to a higher level, for which I am extremely thankful.

I am now about to begin my undergraduate degree studying Politics and International Relations. I have left LEH not only with an outstanding education and qualifications, but also with friends who I know will always be there to support me and skills which have prepared me well for the next stage in my life. I am very grateful for the last seven years, and the opportunities I have had due to the bursary scheme.




If you would like to transform a girl’s life, please contact our Development Director, Jennifer Blaiklock to find out more.

For full details of LEH’s Bursary Programme, please see Financial Assistance for New Parents Policy