Thank You

4 students in Geography classroom

Thank you so much for your support.

There is a long tradition of philanthropy at LEH, and it is the generosity of our past, present, and future donors that allows our School to thrive.

There are many ways to support LEH. Whether your gift is financial, or through your participation in The Friends of LEH, the Careers Advisory Group, or in other ways, we are very grateful for your commitment to the School.

However you choose to support LEH, your kindness ensures an exceptional experience for our students. We thank all parents and alumnae who have been and continue to be involved in the life of this special place. Your participation and generosity make a difference not only to our students but to our entire school community.

Thank you

The Abasov Family

Mr and Mrs Adamson

The Alderson-Smith Family

Imran Ahmad and Fazila Mayet

Ann Ailes (nee Fish)

Ms Heather Allen and Mr Ric Casale

Mrs Susan Allen (nee Wells)

Martina Asmar

The Baker Family

Nina & Nasir Barakzai

The Barnes Family

The Barnett Family

Lucinda Bartlett

The Baulk Family

Miss Mary Beardwood

Mrs Brenda Beckman (nee Marshall)

Mr Jas & Mrs Susan Bhohi

Leen and Susy Broekhuizen

Moira Black CBE MA

Mrs Jenny Blaiklock

Mr and Mrs Boag

Rudolph & Anne-Marie Botha 

Elizabeth Brie

Mrs Christine Brown

Stephen & Penny Brett

Mr and Mrs Bublik

The Family of Kate Burke

Mr T J and Dr N V Burbidge

Mrs Linda Burkitt – from the Estate of Miss Elizabeth Candy

The Cahills

David & Helen Campbell

Ms Dawn Cameron

The Canas Molteni Family

The Carew-Jones Family

Mr and Mrs Carlino

The Casale Family

The Casson Family

Mark and Kim Cawthron

The Cheung Family

The Chandola Family

Mr and Mrs Chawla

Mr & Mrs Cheeseman

Mr Chen & Mrs Zhang

Mr. JeeWon Cheong

Chloe Cheung and Family

Mr Sai Cheung 

Dr Harprit S Chhatwal

The Childs Family

Mr & Mrs Cleveland

Simon & Jane Clutterbuck

Susan Cole

The Collier Family

Mr P J and Dr G M Congdon

The Cowan Family

Simon Croft

Mrs Jennifer Curzon

The D'Albert Family

The Dawes Family

Christine Day

Mrs R Dellar

Frances Dent (nee Wyllie)

Mr and Mrs Deru

Mr and Mrs Dong

Elizabeth Donnelly

Greg Dowden and Fidelma McCarthy

Ian and Sally Durant

Dyson Foundation

The Eales Family

The Edge Family

Ian and Helen Edward

Mrs D Edwards

Mrs Ann Everitt (nee Whitfield)

The Farahati Family

Mrs M R Farley (nee Bateman)

Dr and Mrs Farr

Finalsite Ltd.

FLEHS Swimming Club

Mrs Fiona Forbes and Mr Jonathan Hiscock

Mr S Fowler

The Friends of LEH

Mrs June Fuller (nee Nettleton)

The Ganotra Family

David and Eli Gardner

Mrs Ella Gardner (nee Kibble)

The George Family

The Gill Family

The Gibbons Family

Mrs Jill Glynne (née Silvester 1955)

The Goeffers Family

Paul and Kay Goswell

Mrs M A Gray

Mr and Mrs M Green

Mr and Mrs Grist

Ellie and Roger Guy

Mrs J Halls

Mrs Heather Hanbury

The Hanreck Family

Stephen and Juliet Harris

Robin & Sarah Harvey

Jasmine and Vivienne Hay

Mr and Mrs J Hazel

Lesley Hazel

HHBCA (Hampton and Holles Boat Club Assocation)

Martin and Clare Heale

Mrs Luisa Hector

The Hohenberg Family

The Hooke Family

The Hopkins-Powell Family

Mrs Anne Howell

Dr Chris Howells FGS & Family, In memory of Mrs Patricia Howells, 1936-2017, Teacher of Geography, Head of Geography & Geology, LEH 1958-1969

Mrs L Hughes

Janet Hughes

Imperial Printers

The Irving Family

Jacobsen Family

Mr and Mrs Jack-kee

The James Family

The Jamison Family

Mr and Mrs Jaworski

The Jenkins Family

Kate Jillings

Mrs Margaret Jolliffe

The Jolliffe Family

Mr and Mrs Kaye

Komedera Family

The Kamat Family

The Krol Family

The Lawson Family

Miss Sheila Leach

The Lee Family

Zahra & Leila Legris

The Lessey Family

The Linford Family

Mr Grant Littler and Ms Sandra Jores

Mr and Mrs Littler

Mr and Mrs Lloyd

The Kamat Family

Mr and Mrs S Kandola

Mr G and Mrs C Keeble

Mrs M Kelly

Elizabeth Kemp (nee Knolles)

Mrs Moira Kendall (nee Mackenzie) 1956 - 1963

Peter and Judy Kershaw

Mrs S Kitchen (nee Watkins)

Kumar & Co Accountants Ltd

The Lomax Family

Professor and Mrs Longmore

Dr Sabina Lovibond

Mrs Gillian Low

Miss Sybil Maden

Mr and Mrs Mak

Ms Merrie Mannassi

Mr and Mrs Mathews

Mr and Mrs Matthewson

Julia Mattingley

The Mason Family

The Marks Family

Miss E Mathie

Julia Mattingley

John and Candy Maxted

The McCormick Family

Mr and Mrs John W McDermott

Miss Barbara Megson

Raj Mehat & Karandeep Singh

Jed & Elaine Mercurio

The Micromatis Family

Kevin & Raina Miles

The Miles Family

Cathy Millis

Miss Gladys Maude Mills

Mrs Edith Jane Mitchell

Peter D Mitchell

The Moore Family

Ms C Morley

Miss Laura Morrill

Miss H Morrill

Mr and Mrs N Morrill

The Morris family

The Morrison Family

Mr and Mrs Moss

The Moules Family

Mr and Mrs Murdoch

Mr Murphy & Ms Stark

Mrs Jane Murphy and Family

Mr and Mrs Naughton

Mr and Mrs Nettleton

Mr Nigel Noble

Jane and Ben Norrington

Professor and Mrs S Nwana

The Offer Family

The O’Neill Family

The Ogunlami Family

Margaret A Packer

Ms Panu

Pauline Parfitt

The Pepper Family

Mr and Mrs Picton

The Pirgon Family

The Pobjoys

Mr and Mrs Polglase

Alan and Jennifer Poole

Victoria Porto & Family

Marian Postgate (nee Thorne)

Shalabh K. Prasad

Jean B Preston

Rosalind Pyne D’Albert

Gareth Quarry and Jill Whitehouse

The Rai Family

Chris and Farah Rachlin

The Ranjan Family

Susan M Rees (nee Brinton)

Dr Jane Rennie

The Ress Family

Mr and Mrs P Robin

Mr and Mrs Rogers

Chris Rokos and Emolyne Ramlov


Jane Ross

The Sandbaek-Oates Family

The Sanders Family

Miss Joan Savage

Georgia Scott and Family, 

LEH Sept 2007 to July 2018

Mr and Mrs Scurr

The Sebba Family

Carly Seibel, Gabby Seibel, The Seibel-Socorro Family

Mrs Juliet Short

Caroline and Mark Silver

Linda and David Simon

Susannah Simon

Jasveer Singh and Jasbir Kaur

Mr and Mrs J Smith

The Smith Family

The Sparrow Family

The Standing Family

Mrs S Stephens (nee Buttress)

The Stokes Family

The Stoney Family

Mr and Mrs Strauss

Mr and Mrs Stringer

The Stuart Family

The Subjally family

Mrs Charlotte Surguy (née Hurley)

Mr and Mrs Suri

The Thind Family

The Thornycroft Family

David and Bridget Thurston

The Timblo Family

Dr G Trimble

Mr and Mrs Tynan

The Usher Family

Dr L. Vasanthakumar

Mr and Mrs Veschi

Hilary Vit

Mr and Mrs P Waldron 

The Warren Family

The Welch Family

WELL Logistics

The Wells Family

Mrs Patricia White

Stuart White

The Williams Family

Diana Willis nee Otter, History Teacher and Sixth Form Tutor 1962 -1968

Meg Wilson

Mrs P. Wilson

Matthew Witt & Helen Hunt

Robin and Sarah Wooldridge

The Xiberras Family

Yellowdot Design

The Yim Family

Anne D Yorke

Betty Young (nee Adler)

The Zhu Family  

And also 180 donors who wish to remain anonymous.