Cripplegate Foundation Schools Mare Street Hackney 1920's

Over the years, the school has benefited from the generosity of those who have remembered us in their Will, leaving the school both large and smaller sums. A very generous bequest from a former pupil, Gladys Mills, assisted us with the Arts Centre development, and the Mills Recital room is named in recognition of her gift.

If you have already included Lady Eleanor Holles in your Will or are planning to do so, we would be delighted to hear from you.  We would like to thank you by involving you in the Lady Eleanor Society. Please contact the Development Office via email.

We are extremely grateful to legators for helping us plan for the long-term future of the school and to continue to offer the very finest education to future generations of girls. Thank you for taking the time to consider leaving a gift to Lady Eleanor Holles in your Will.

The Lady Eleanor Society

The Lady Eleanor Society was formed to recognise and thank Benefactors and those who have made arrangements to leave a gift to the school in their Will. In addition to Benefactors' events, Lady Eleanor Society members are invited to an annual showcase school event as guests of the Head Mistress.