Language students sat on steps
CCF students in military camoflage clothes in the woods
D of E students with their camping gear in a field
Geography students posing on the cliffs overlooking a beach
LEH MUN taking place with lots of students in LEH Assembly Hall
Susan Rees, LEH 1948-56

I can hardly believe it was 72 years ago when I first entered the junior school at Burlington House in 1948. What a wonderful collection of inspiring classrooms and studios have evolved since then, the pupils must feel so privileged to work in such an environment. I was delighted to see the new wing which has been added and the attractive grounds leading to the Senior school.  

What comes through loud and clear is that everyone looks happy, valued and enjoying what they are doing. What lucky pupils they are to receive such a high standard of values in such an inspiring environment. I am also proud to read of your altruistic involvements in helping others and giving encouragement to those less fortunate, and your involvement in the wider community. 

Today, I have contacted my bank to send a donation towards the Bursary fund and have set up a standing order from next year. I too was awarded a scholarship which greatly assisted my parents in enabling me to stay at the school when my father ran into financial difficulties and I am delighted to now be able to contribute towards enabling other pupils to have access to such a wonderful education which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. 

Thank you LEHS for making me feel very proud to have links with such an exceptional school. 

With my sincere appreciation, 

Susan Rees (nee Brinton 1948-56) 

  • LEH Bursary Fund