Language students sat on steps
CCF students in military camoflage clothes in the woods
D of E students with their camping gear in a field
Geography students posing on the cliffs overlooking a beach
LEH MUN taking place with lots of students in LEH Assembly Hall
GCSE Artwork being displayed in Art Department at LEH School

I attended LEH from 1996 - 2003. I am from a single parent family and it would have been financially impossible for me to attend LEH without an assisted place. I am incredibly thankful I was given that opportunity. LEH set me up for life socially, mentally and professionally. 

LEH was much more than a brilliant education. LEH gave me friends for life, the teachers nourished my sense of self belief and gave me confidence in my own abilities. The environment I was in and the people I was surrounded by gave me the chance to aspire to possibilities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had and the school taught me the tools and gave me the confidence to make them happen.  

You cannot underestimate any part of the experience a child has in an environment like LEH. It’s normal at LEH that all girls have the possibility of a career in literally anything they put their mind to. A child can only aspire to a career in something they know exists and this is where LEH was so instrumental in forming ideas and aspirations for me. Of course many children have families with lots of inspirational role models in successful jobs, in various fields and are therefore exposed to career advice organically imparted at family gatherings and even day to day home life. However I didn’t have that. In fact neither of my parents had gone to university or completed A-levels.  

After LEH I went on to get a 1st in my degree at Warwick and a Masters at Kings. I know that without LEH those possibilities would likely have been much more limited for me if on the table at all. The sky really was the limit and still is, the lessons you learn at LEH are for life. I really hope that many more girls will have the opportunity that I had in the future and I am very happy to share my positive experiences to help make that possible. 

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