Language students sat on steps
CCF students in military camoflage clothes in the woods
D of E students with their camping gear in a field
Geography students posing on the cliffs overlooking a beach
LEH MUN taking place with lots of students in LEH Assembly Hall
Mary Holmes, LEH 1958 -1965

I joined LEH in the 3rd form having had the good fortune to obtain a Middlesex scholarship which paid my fees for the time I was at LEH.  I imagine that this was not dissimilar to the current bursary scheme. I had attended an ordinary state primary school and obtained the scholarship at the time of what was then the 11+ examination. After a rigorous interview by Miss R Garwood Scott of both me and my parents, I was in!  

I very much enjoyed my years at LEH, playing lacrosse in the winter and rounders in the summer. I even made the school rounders team. There weren't the splendid sports facilities then that there are now. I also sang in the school choirs and enjoyed taking part in many dramatic productions. I became a prefect in the lower sixth and a senior prefect in the upper sixth.  

After my A levels, I went to Southampton University and to read Law. Then I did a PGCE at Roehampton. and began teaching Law at Kingston University (eventually marrying the Head of School!!!) While at Kingston I did an MA in Law and Sociology at Brunel. I eventually left Kingston to go to, what was then the Judicial Studies Board, now the Judicial College, as Head of Tribunals Training. During my time at Kingston I had begun to sit on tribunals, mostly dealing with social security matters. I also became a Magistrate. I initially sat at Kingston but, when the Magistrate  courts there closed, we sat at Wimbledon.  It was a very busy life - a fulltime job, a family and sitting as a magistrate. I am confident that the sound foundations provided by my years at LEH are what enabled me to have such a rewarding and fulfilling working life.   

I am now retired and very much enjoy reading Holles Connect to see what is happening at school today. 

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