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LEH MUN taking place with lots of students in LEH Assembly Hall
Mary Geraghty, LEH 1984-1991

At LEH I was lucky to receive an education where I was encouraged to believe that anything was achievable.

I was given every opportunity to explore what drove me and to develop my interests. I think I left LEH with a strong inner confidence to go into the world and try to achieve whatever I wanted to.

Whilst in sixth form, my parents went through some financial difficulties. I was aware of the difficulties they were facing but it was only much later that I learned that LEH’s bursary scheme had stepped in and enabled my sister and I to stay on at the school and complete our schooling there.

Professionally, I now lead a team of in-house lawyers for Starbucks' EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) business. I have previously held roles as Group General Counsel at Arcadia Group (owner of Topshop and other high street fashion brands) and as a lawyer at Harrods and at a large city firm. 

I spent my formative teenage years surrounded by a wonderful group of girls, several of whom remain my dearest friends today. We have gone on to do different things, but the friendships we formed at this time have endured and we have supported each other as we have faced into the challenges of being professional working women and parents.

LEH is in the fortunate position of being able to attract and develop many talented young women. The existence of a well-funded bursary scheme not only ensures that this education is made available to a broader group of girls but also ensures that a safety net is in place in the event that parents of existing pupils encounter unforeseen difficulties which would otherwise result in a talented and promising pupil having to leave the school.

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