Language students sat on steps
CCF students in military camoflage clothes in the woods
D of E students with their camping gear in a field
Geography students posing on the cliffs overlooking a beach
LEH MUN taking place with lots of students in LEH Assembly Hall
Athletics fields at LEH School

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the bursary scheme for their continuous financial support during my five years at LEH.  

I received a full Bursary for my first four years at LEH and it was truly a life-changing opportunity. The Bursary enabled me to unlock my academic potential by providing me with brilliant teachers, top-quality facilities and pastoral care.  

Equally importantly, I never felt financially insecure or troubled during my time, nor was I ever worried about affording anything for school. Everything from my uniform, sports equipment, other essential supplies, school trips, coach fees to my iPad was always fully provided, without me or my family needing to request them. This made me feel assured and enabled me to take finance out of the equation.  

As a result, I left LEH at the end of year 11 with all 9s for GCSE and an A (the highest mark attainable) for a further maths qualification, grades which I would have not been able to achieve without the opportunities I was given.  

Academics, however, were only a minor part of what I had gained; I had a very positive experience at LEH, making invaluable friends and unforgettable memories. One of my favourite things about LEH was the competitive, yet friendly and communal atmosphere unique to the school, which fostered an exciting and comforting environment. To me, LEH feels like a second home, which I will always look back to with warmth.  

I am, and always will be proud of being an LEH student, and I am thankful towards those who made this chapter of my life possible. 







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