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The Bursary Fund is the cornerstone of LEH’s fundraising efforts. This year, thanks to the generosity of our community, we are currently supporting 83 pupils who would have otherwise been unable to take their places at the school. 

However, there are still many deserving students we are unable to help. This year, we had over 100 applications for bursaries and many of these pupils were excellent candidates who would have undoubtedly enriched the LEH community. Sadly, we only had funding to offer bursary places to a small number of them. 

Unlike many schools that benefit from an endowment, we rely on your support to help deliver a diverse and enriching educational environment. If you share our ambition to widen access to the school, please consider making a donation, or contact our Development Department for more information. By giving, you confirm your belief in the work of our school, the dedication of our teachers, and the impact an LEH education will have on a pupil’s future. Such gifts ensure that we have the resources to create a community of bright, widely representative young people whose ultimate impact on society is incalculable.


Life Changing support

An LEH bursary covers not only tuition but all associated costs such as uniform, transport to and from school, curriculum trips and lunches.

thanks to you

Last year over £1.2 million was allocated to support the Bursary Programme. 65% of recipients have a completely free place.


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The difference an LEH Bursary can make

Spotlight on bursaries

Chloe Chen, LEH 2017-2024

I think it was a bit of a shock to my parents, and a horrible stroke of bad luck that could have happened to anyone. It meant it was suddenly really important for me to get assistance to afford my education, since there was no way that my parents would to be able to send me to a school like LEH otherwise.

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The Heather Hanbury Bursary Scholarship

During Mrs Hanbury’s nine years as Head Mistress at LEH, she worked tirelessly to grow and develop the LEH Bursary Fund. There could not be a more fitting legacy to mark her retirement than the establishment of the Heather Hanbury Bursary Scholarship.

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Annabel Sketchley, LEH 2003-2014

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Simon Croft, LEH 1978-1985

Katharine Bailey, LEH 2006–2013

Knowing that I was supported through the Bursary Fund allowed me to focus unselfconsciously on my academic and extra-curricular interests without worrying about finances.

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Senior School Student

I was in U4M when my mum came and sat on my bed on Saturday morning to tell me that my Dad had lost his job and I wouldn’t be going back to LEH after the holidays. 

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Simrah Basit, LEH 2010-2017

The bursary scheme enabled me to receive an excellent education and be part of a welcoming and exciting community, which I would not otherwise be able to access.

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Soshin Limbu, LEH 2010-2017

I sincerely urge all those who are in the position to do so, to donate and give more girls like me an opportunity that I have been so privileged to receive

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