Bursary Fund

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Your opportunity to transform a young person’s life

As parents and carers, we know you’re aware that the Bursary Fund is the cornerstone of LEH’s fundraising efforts. This year we have been able to support 58 students, with 42 on 100% bursaries. Thanks to the generosity of our community, we are closer to making the opportunity of an LEH education available to any bright girl who wishes to come here, regardless of her family’s financial circumstances.

However, the demand for bursaries is greater than ever. Last year, applications for support went up by over 50%, so there are still many deserving girls who we are unable to help.

If you share our vision to make ‘needs blind’ admission to LEH a reality, please consider making a donation, or contact our Development Director, Jenny Blaiklock, who will be delighted to set up a meeting with Mrs Hanbury to discuss matters further.

By giving, you confirm your belief in the work of our school, the dedication of our teachers, and the impact an LEH education will have on a girl’s future. Such gifts ensure that we have the resources to create a community of bright, widely representative young people whose ultimate impact on society is incalculable.

The difference an LEH Bursary can make

I hope that there will come a time when the Bursary Fund is sufficiently funded to overcome financial barriers and educate every girl deserving of a place at LEH, and so I sincerely urge all those who are in the position to do so, to donate and give more girls like me an opportunity that I have been so privileged to receive. Soshin Limbu, LEH 2010 -2017, medical student, Imperial College, London.

Bursary Stories

Georgia Galton Ayling, LEH 2006-2013

Though I am not yet a mother, I can already say that I would want my daughter to attend LEH. There are undoubtedly thousands of parents who feel the same way, many of whom would struggle to realise this dream without the help of the LEH Bursary Fund.

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Simrah Basit, LEH 2010 - 2017

The bursary scheme enabled me to receive an excellent education and be part of a welcoming and exciting community, which I would not otherwise be able to access.

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