A Parent's Guide to Giving and Getting Involved

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how to get involved

LEH has always been fortunate in enjoying an engaged and generous parent body, and every school needs an active volunteer network and strong financial support. How can you get involved? 

Engaged Parenting

There are many ways to stay connected to LEH as a parent. Staying involved in the small and large events helps both pupils, and our school, succeed. We encourage you to talk about homework and friends, attend our parenting sessions, read the Friday Post each week and visit the Parent Portal on a regular basis.

Active Participation

Active participation takes on many different forms: helping with special events such as the Christmas Fair or other social gatherings, attending sports matches, concerts and plays and volunteering careers support  Every LEH parent is encouraged to become an active member of the LEH family.

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Financial Support

I’m sure you’re aware that independent schools receive no financial support from the Government. Everything we do at LEH depends on income from tuition fees and the generous contributions of people like you. We hope you will feel able to contribute to our Bursary Fund if you are in a position to do so. We aim to fund several pupils in every year group whose parents would not be able to afford LEH school fees, but whose daughters nevertheless would benefit from an LEH education, and contribute to our community.

ways to volunteer

The Friends of LEH 

The Friends of LEH is the association of parents of pupils at the school. It is a registered charity which exists primarily to promote a sense of community within the school by running social events throughout the year. It also aims to enhance the educational experience for students, via fundraising for non-essential but valuable equipment and experiences.  You automatically become a member when you join the school.

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Career Mentoring Programme

LEH has a well-developed programme of career mentoring opportunities offered by parents and alumnae. If you would like to offer your experience and skills to help an LEH student, please contact Alison Matthews, Head of Careers or read more here.

Catch the spirit!

There are many opportunities to applaud and cheer on our students. From sports matches and dance performances, concerts and drama productions, the list of activities throughout the year is impressive. You are encouraged to attend any, or all, of these wonderful events. Your enthusiastic support matters, as well as your presence and model of good sportsmanship. Don’t miss a chance to be a fan!  


If you're interested in helping the Development Office, please get in touch via email or by phone on: 020 8979 1601

The difference an leh bursary can make

Opportunities to give

There are many ways that you might choose to support the school financially. Some of these are outlined below. If you are interested in making a major gift to the school, please don't hesitate to contact the Development Office by email for more information, or call on 020 8783 9806.