Sports Day 2018

On 21st June, the sun shone on LEH’s annual sports day. The day was filled with lots of fun and laughter across a variety of sporting activities. The day began with rounders and tennis, a sea of colour across the field and courts, and cheers from the houses for their teammates. Rounders were scored, superb catches were made, and lots of intense tennis matches played. The results varied across the year groups, with different houses coming out on top.

Following a busy morning, the house cheerleading competition took place. It was a success as usual, the thirds working hard over the last term to create and perfect a routine, led excellently by LVI. The girls included excellent chants and formations relevant to their houses, showing superb spirit and pride. The house that came out on top for the second year in a row was Tyrconnel, using an original chant and an excellent use of space, formation, and synchronisation to showcase their house support.

The Tug of War competition followed, with an intense battle across the houses. The teams were made up of two girls from each year group. Using great team spirit, strength and communication, each house fought valiantly with the support of their peers on the side-lines. Following six hard-fought matches, it was DeVere who were victorious, who were unbeaten in the competition.

Following a brief lunchbreak, it was time for the athletics events. With help from many staff and sixth formers, the track and field events ran smoothly. The sun continued to shine with winds to keep us cool, as the III’s and LIV competed in track first, and UIV & LV participated in their field events. A record was broken during the track events, with Mia (LIVY) running the 200m for Tyrconnel in 27.63 seconds, beating her own record from the previous year by 0.33 seconds! Congratulations to Mia.

Once this was complete, the year groups swapped over, with the UIV & LV competing on the track, and the III’s & LIV competing in field events. This was shortly followed by the LVI track events, where two records were broken by Holles: the 100m record by Charlotte (LVIE) with a time of 12.93, and the 200m record by Lucinda (LVIA), with a time of 30.57, beating the current record by 100th of a second! Congratulations to both of you. The track events led up to the much anticipated ‘fun-relay’. Eight sixth formers competed in an 8x50m relay with space hoppers, skipping ropes, egg and spoons, ending with a piggy back to the finish line! It was extremely entertaining, enjoyed by all the spectators, and of course, the girls running the race.

The final event of the day was the LVI vs Staff House Relay. A tense and exciting race, the house staff teams made up of staff from a range of departments traded their usual attire for sports trainers, and lined up on the track alongside the LVI. With the support of the crowds from the side-line, it was the Fitzwilliam House Staff team who raced across the finish line first, followed closely by the Tyrconnel LVI team.

Mrs Hanbury joined the PE Staff to award the trophies to the respective winners of the day, and to congratulate the record breakers. The grand total was kept secret, and the final result will be announced in the end-of-term assembly, which will be awarded with the house trophy. A huge well done to all the girls involved in the competition and events across the day, and thank you to all the staff involved in making Sports Day 2018 another brilliant success!

By Miss Meakings & Miss Worden – Teachers of PE

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