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Sixth Form at LEH is said to be the highlight of a student’s school career, providing you with the opportunity to grow into young adults equipped with the personal and academic skills needed to flourish. Through a wide variety of extra-curricular and intellectual activities, we enjoy a dynamic and well-rounded education over the course of two exciting years, graduating well-prepared for our future endeavours. 

Sixth Form life gives us the chance to explore and cultivate our passion for our chosen subjects. From curated wider reading lists to the inspiring teaching staff who support us to further our knowledge and immersing ourselves in our academic interests, the learning environment at LEH encourages us to excel. Furthermore, the school organises countless opportunities for academic enrichment, such as super-curricular ‘Plus’ sessions. In these subject-specific lessons, we enjoy engaging debates and learn about ongoing research and recent developments in the academic field in which we are interested. These sessions also aid us in choosing our degree, which is highly valuable given the key nature of that decision. That A levels are taught in small classes allows us to be closely supported as we learn, by teachers who know us very well and are invested in our success. Additionally, the limited number of students per class allows for peer-support and a sense of community which mirrors the warm environment of both Sixth Form and the school as a whole. It is in this welcoming setting that we are able to reach our academic potential and explore our personality. 

Day to day life gets even more exciting upon joining Sixth Form, not only are you able to pursue and explore three to four subjects that you love the most, but you have the highly sought-after privilege of enjoying the Sixth Form Common room. Fit with sofas, a radio system and a great view of the sports fields, the Common room is the perfect spot for both socialising, and productive use of the new free study periods added to your timetable. The meticulously curated Sixth Form library makes wider reading and research for essays far easier to navigate. Each subject specific section works closely alongside the exam boards and are such a valuable tool to aid your study. Not to mention the Sixth Form cafe which is conveniently placed and always on hand with delicious treats and lunch options for Lower and Upper Sixth students. Another new addition to the timetable are the weekly curriculum enrichment sessions which are joint with Hampton Boys School. From thinking skills and computer coding to cooking, these sessions are a great way to diversify our Sixth Form learning experience and benefit students in academic lessons as well as preparing for future interview situations. 

Additionally in the Lower Sixth, you are presented with the opportunity to apply for positions of responsibility which include roles such as MUN Secretariat, Creative Directors, Eco Squad, Digital Mentors, APOC members, Service Volunteers and subject reps. This wide range lets one get involved in a multitude of ways from being a point of contact for younger students, to organising whole school events, to giving back to the school. Not only are these roles fulfilling, they also provide us with a huge array of skills and experience that will prove to be valuable later on in our journey. Similarly, in Upper Sixth there are leadership positions.These consist of the Head Girl team, the Leadership team, House Captains, Sports Captains and Thirds Mentors. These roles of responsibility provide an exciting challenge for Upper Sixth students, demanding leadership, organisation and most importantly, creativity, and thus are additionally rewarding. They are chances to represent the voices of the student body and be an even more integral part of the LEH community. Being able to work so closely with staff and orchestrate competitions and events is truly remarkable. 

Sixth Form prepares you for life beyond school, encouraging our ability to self-learn and assisting us in our university and career goals. In Lower Sixth, you are able to undertake an Extended Project Qualification, alongside your A level subjects. This piece of work gives us more freedom surrounding our studies and is an invaluable introduction into the type of research that one will need to undertake at university. Additionally, there is a considerable amount of wider reading, which is available and encouraged by subject teachers, during ‘Plus’ sessions and by the Careers Department. The vast number of degree specific societies together with a dedicated Careers Team and the annual Higher Education Fair, help us to excel in our applications to university. Furthermore, mentors assist students who wish to apply for universities and courses that require additional entrance exams, and there are visits to a number of universities where we are able to connect with LEH alumnae, who are able to offer advice on our chosen path. 

Olivia, Amelie, Mia and Nilomi - Head Girl Team 2022-23 

LEH is a school that truly fosters a love of learning in its students, and a sense that anything and any career goal is achievable. For me personally, my involvement in Model United Nations Conferences in Year 7 was pivotal, allowing me to discover a true passion for public speaking. Opportunities such as Mock General Elections and House Debating allowed me to build on this interest and has translated into a love for discussion based subjects - a clear example of how skills developed in extra-curricular activities enable us to excel in our academic lives. Each student at LEH is supported in following their dreams throughout the school years by teachers who become mentors in Sixth Form and who truly care about our success. This really helps us to thrive as we work towards our A levels. 

olivia - head girl 2022-2023

life in the sixth Form

The ways that we can enrich and expand our learning have never failed to inspire me, but I feel that the opportunities which we are provided in Sixth Form are truly unique. We regularly have the option to attend talks given by people pioneering different fields of work, and along with the support of the Careers Team we are able to constantly learn about various career paths and options on offer to us. My passion for critical thinking and practical learning has developed into a passion for both STEM subjects and Art. With the help of these extensive academic opportunities, I have always felt encouraged and able to develop my skills and reach my full potential at LEH and beyond. 

amelie - head girl team 2022-2023

The Alternative LEH Sixth Form Video

Filmed and edited entirely by LEH's Lower Sixth Creative Directors, the Alternative LEH Sixth Form video shows LEH Sixth Form directly through their eyes. Thank you to Emma, Michelle, Niamh and Thea for their hard work in putting this together. 


Sixth Form is very different to the lower years at LEH. It prepares you for life beyond school. A dedicated Careers Department assists us in our university applications, after helping each of us to decide on a path which we individually want to pursue. I am interested in a career in medicine, and the school has been very supportive in preparing me for the extensive application process, through a Medic Society. During my time in the Sixth Form, I have found that balancing academic work and extra-curricular activities has not been challenging, as I have continued to play netball in the first team squad, alongside my studies. This has allowed me to forge friendships with students in the whole Sixth Form and has enabled me to develop great teamwork skills, which I will be able to employ in my endeavours beyond LEH. 

mia - head girl team 2022-2023

Sixth Form is a great opportunity to give back to the various LEH communities one may have participated in throughout their journey in the school, for example running clubs and having roles of responsibility. This not only enhances leadership skills but provides the chance to interact with younger students which is incredibly insightful. For me, being a Creative Director allowed me to delve into my passion for Marketing and Journalism and involve myself in important projects such as International Women’s Day! Furthermore, at LEH, the brilliant Careers Department and staff ensure you are fully supported in whichever path you choose to go down. I personally was provided with many resources regarding STEM, such as competitions, research projects, lectures, placements and more which has encouraged me to work to my full potential. 

nilomi - head girl team 2022-2023