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September is always an exciting time - new year, new stationary, new classes and timetables - but the first few days of Sixth Form at LEH are like no other start to an Autumn Term. For the first time, students gain access to a communal space for the whole year group, liberty to structure your studying according to your preferences, and the privilege of being an older, respected member of the school community. With GCSEs over, Sixth Form is a time to further your academic pursuits, diving deep into new subjects and expanding your knowledge through extensive enrichment and wider education programmes. The buzz of excitement on the L6 Induction Day in early September was unparalleled for this reason, and as we looked ahead to the coming years - at prom, the leadership trip, greater say in the way the school is run, trips, exhibitions, the Christmas panto - we knew then, without a doubt, we would be in for the best two years of our academic and social life.

Sixth Form signals the beginning of new freedoms and privileges never enjoyed before. With our newly-built, modern and incredibly stylish common rooms as our place of residence, acting as a hub of activity, study and socialising all at the same time, Sixth Formers make the liberating transition from form groups of 20 in the younger years to a much larger space that allows a lot more mixing within the year group. Other benefits include the ability to go to lunch early, or dine at the Sixth Form Cafe instead, a greater choice of sports during Games periods, watching Tuesday morning assemblies from the balconies and wearing your own clothes as uniform during the school day. This increased flexibility for year 12 and 13 students cultivates a greater sense of control over one’s timetable: with free periods and access to the tremendous Sixth Form Library, students can adapt their schedule corresponding to how they study best, promoting greater productivity.

Academically, the final two years of LEH presents a change from what students are used to: smaller class sizes allows more focused attention both to the subjects and by the teachers towards the students. There is more opportunity to ask questions beyond the curriculum, develop deeper understanding of complex concepts and focus on areas that some may find challenging. A closer relationship with your teachers and peers makes every lesson an open, non-judgmental space for learning, complimenting the slightly modified lesson format, where class time is dedicated primarily to discussion and teaching, while homework is reserved for practice, consolidation and reading.

Another key part of the LEH Sixth Form experience is Subject Enrichment. Teachers encourage students to endeavour to read widely around all subjects to further interest and understanding. Subject Plus lessons are introduced - lunchtime sessions dedicated to teaching students interested in pursuing their subject further about areas beyond the curriculum - which later helps with interviews, personal statements and exams. This is just a small part of the school’s involvement in our preparation for the future: our weekly Life Advice sessions are designed to educate students about integral aspects of adult life, from taxes to career options. Every year, the careers department organises representatives from different universities and careers to come to LEH for the Higher Education and Careers fairs. These fairs are incredibly useful and allow us to talk to and make connections with people beyond the LEH bubble. We receive talks from LEH alumnae who share their stories beyond LEH and societies like MedSoc prepare students for the demands of university applications to reduce any anxieties about preparations for the future.

Sixth Form at LEH also means weekly Enrichment sessions where students from LEH and Hampton School come together to learn about subjects ranging from current affairs to cooking, digital literacy to oracy. The subject of the lessons changes half-termly, allowing the acquisition of a breadth of skills in a wide range of subjects.

At LEH, the opportunities for extra-curricular participation both inside and outside of school are endless. Throughout senior school, there is an abundance to choose from: fencing, trampolining, Japanese, quiz club, poetry, astronomy, the list goes on and on! This continues into sixth form and there are even new clubs to try out such as young enterprise. The opportunity for students to set up their own clubs is also further emphasised. The club can be anything, whether it's sharing a hobby, an interest or even just having a cup of tea (yes we do have a tea-drinking club)!

Competitions to enter, courses to take part in and events to go to, whether it’s through posters, online resources or emails, teachers will always encourage us to take part. This makes it easy for students to deepen their knowledge in their area of interest. LEH’s unique partnership with Hampton School means that we can attend talks and events at LEH and at Hampton. All of this is incredibly helpful when it comes to applying for universities and writing personal statements.

Furthermore, students can apply for Roles of Responsibility which inspire skills of organisation, communication, creativity and more. Some examples of the roles are Subject Representatives, Inclusion Champions, Creative Directors, MUN Secretariats, Digital Mentors and the Eco Squad. These roles allow the student body to play an integral role in problem solving within the school so that the LEH community can continue to adjust and improve.

More than anything else, Sixth Form enables all students to undergo huge amounts of academic and emotional development. The women that leave LEH are very different from the girls that entered in Thirds, our interests and talents nurtured by the school's inclusive and supportive environment, and our final two years play such an influential role in this evolution. Next July, when our year group’s final day comes around and we must finally say goodbye to our home of over a decade for some, there will be floods of tears for the place that loved and taught us all so much, especially in our time as Sixth Formers.

Amrit, Harriet, Willow and Heidi - Head Girl Team 2024-25

Sixth Form has become one of my favourite years at LEH; the opportunity for increased responsibility, new leadership roles and becoming a more influential figure in the school community, has been very rewarding! The ability to tailor our free time in line with our academic goals is something I’ve immensely enjoyed; the skills I have gained from balancing my academics with extra-curricular activities are invaluable for life after LEH. We are encouraged to go beyond our A level syllabus through our subject plus sessions, aiming to enrich our learning in our chosen subjects.

A particularly advantageous part of Sixth Form is the incredible advice we get from our Careers Department and Form Tutors. I have found the one-on-one sessions to be extremely beneficial in preparing for life beyond LEH. I have also enjoyed completing the EPQ, where you are required to research any topic you are passionate about and write an essay about it. It has enabled me to refine skills that will be required at university whilst simultaneously expanding my knowledge on areas I find particularly interesting. 

One of my highlights of the year has been the OAP Christmas dinner, where the elderly from all areas of Hampton are invited to a festive afternoon of Bingo, carols and food; giving back to the community, is a part of LEH’s ethos which I particularly admire. Sixth Form is a time where you can truly focus on what you enjoy most, further enrich your learning and make so many new memories from the most incredible experiences the school has to offer!

amrit - head girl 2024-2025

life in the sixth Form

I have loved Sixth Form! I have discovered so many new skills, passions and friends within the small amount of time I have been part of Lower Sixth, and can’t wait to discover more. Intermingling between friendship groups and year groups is so much more prominent within our amazing new Common Room, and every lunchtime is fill with memories and fun. The support offered by our teachers is unparalleled: whether studying their subjects or not, I find there are no members of staff who aren’t willing to sit down and talk about future aspirations, subject advice or new ideas I have. I feel continuously academically challenged in a way that necessitates growth but that also allows me to pursue my other extra-curricular passions.

harriet - head girl team 2024-2025

The Alternative LEH Sixth Form Video

Filmed and edited entirely by LEH's Lower Sixth Creative Directors, the Alternative LEH Sixth Form video shows LEH Sixth Form directly through their eyes. Thank you to Emma, Michelle, Niamh and Thea for their hard work in putting this together. 


Sixth Form at LEH has been amazing so far! So many opportunities open up at Sixth Form - new roles of responsibility, new clubs, new A levels, the chance to do an EPQ, and even more emails from teachers telling us about even more opportunities to further our subject knowledge! All extremely useful when applying to universities. In Sixth Form, I have found the drop-in Career sessions really helpful; when I was considering applying for American Universities, they were able to guide me through the process and offer advice. I love the independence that Sixth Form at LEH brings by allowing us to wear our own clothes and have access to Sixth Form only spaces such as the (brand new) Common Room and Sixth Form library. Since the start of Sixth Form, we have been allocated time every week to learn from experts from both inside and outside of school about topics such as student finance, career advice, studying in different countries and more! I especially enjoy listening to LEH alumnae as it shows real examples of how LEH has nurtured incredible women.

Willow - head girl team 2024-2025

My favourite aspect of LEH life is the vast range of opportunities available to us, which is especially applicable in the Sixth Form. Not only can we go beyond our curriculum learning by participating in an array of both academic-related and recreational clubs, but I have had the chance in Sixth Form to run one of these sessions - an Astronomy project for younger students. Doing this has developed my leadership and communication skills, which, needless to say, are vital for life beyond LEH. As we are in the run up to making UCAS applications, our wonderful Careers Department have also assisted us in narrowing down our options for both courses and universities by having one-to-one interviews and opportunities to have a walk-in chat at any time. This supports the weekly subject enrichment sessions and clinics in preparing us for our A-Levels, university or other paths we may pursue after graduation. Aside from academics, I have been able to spread awareness of environmental issues and how we can help through my involvement in the EcoSquad, get to know more of the year group in our fabulous new Common Room, and meet some of the Hampton students in our weekly Enrichment lessons. The first year of Sixth Form has been brimming with enjoyment and opportunity, and I look forward to the year to come. 

heidi - head girl team 2024-2025