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3 Sixth Form students chatting and working at table
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Sixth Form students studying at Computers in Sixth Form library
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Sixth Form is considered to be the most enjoyable part of Secondary School, and Sixth Form at LEH is no exception. Through countless academic and extracurricular activities, students receive a versatile, well-rounded education and the platform for personal development, which contribute towards two exciting years and aid the preparation of students for their future endeavours.

Throughout Sixth Form, students are encouraged to delve further into the subjects they are truly passionate about through wider reading, and the vast network of supportive teaching staff inspire students to extend their knowledge and immerse themselves in specialist subject areas. A levels are studied in small classes, enabling students to develop close relationships with their teachers and learn in a more nurturing environment. Opportunities to engage in thought-provoking debates, ongoing research and current events in students’ various subjects are offered in super-curricular subject ‘Plus’ sessions, and many external speakers are involved to share their expertise with students, providing valuable insights into their respective subjects and satisfying students’ curiosity. The strong sense of community in the school creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere at LEH, and this allows students the freedom to express themselves and reach their full potential.

One of the most noticeable changes in school life when you reach Sixth Form are the available study periods. These can be incredibly productive, as with access to the Sixth Form Library there are a huge variety of resources available to deepen your knowledge of a chosen subject. The library is divided into subject specific sections, with plenty of interesting material in each one, meaning it is easy to navigate and a valuable resource for everyone. Recommendations can be made to the librarians if there is a book you think would add even more to what is on offer. Another key change to the timetable are the Enrichment Sessions every week. These are joint with Hampton School and are an excellent opportunity to develop skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, which will then aid students in their academic lessons and beyond school life. Some of the sessions offered even cover topics such as cookery and first aid, which are equally useful and a chance to have an enjoyable and relaxed activity in your week.

Our Sixth Form experience is further enriched by the vast range of opportunities we are offered in order to develop our leadership skills, which is vital towards the progression of us as independent young women. Being at the head of the school and now adopting responsibilities, such as department representatives, allows us to connect with the younger years and act as figures of guidance for them. We engage with members of staff to arrange events and activities to strengthen bonds within year groups and also relationships between year groups. Having the ability to orchestrate exciting events or competitions is a great way to learn how to balance work and enjoyment, whilst being able to grasp skills such as organisation and communicating effectively. It is also a welcome break amongst our busy schedules!   

Sixth Form presents an opportunity for us to develop our skills in independent learning. There are independent research projects available to take part in our various subjects, which give us more freedom and flexibility in our studies. In addition, they are especially useful for developing the research and writing skills necessary for studying at university, if we choose to take this path. The Careers Department is also invaluable in providing guidance for each student. They provide us with an array of resources regarding universities, work experience and career opportunities, such as LEH’s annual Higher Education fair. The Sixth Form Common room provides a space for students to mingle with one another, whether this is through studying or socialising, and reflects the warm atmosphere of LEH. Next door is the Sixth Form Café, which gives us a chance to relax and further exercise our independence. Surrounding our Common Room are the gorgeous LEH fields, as well as a ping-pong table, which is a firm favourite of ours!

Ravi, Elysia, Gabby and Georgie - Head Girl Team 2021-2022

My fascination for the analytical and systematic has flourished into a passion for Science and is constantly advanced through our practical work and engaging societies. We also have the chance to talk to professionals at the top of their field, which is great for learning more about career ideas whilst viewing the plethora of options open to us. The skills I establish in the classroom enable me to excel in all aspects of my life at school, from my drama lessons to discussions in History of Art. LEH is an incredible place to secure the skills that students can employ throughout their lives, whilst also aiding in the pursuit of their hobbies.

ravi - head girl 2021-2022

life in the sixth Form

Music has shaped my LEH experience through the countless opportunities provided, ranging from tours to New York and Budapest, to singing in a BBC sketch, to thrilling performances on stage. My study at GCSE and now A level has facilitated my passion for music to flourish and is assisted by the encouragement of supportive and enthusiastic teachers, whilst the orchestras, choirs and ensembles available offer a musical release in a busy school day. LEH is exceptional because it fosters an environment where students can thrive in academic situations and later that same day dazzle an audience with their creative flair.

elysia - head girl team 2021-2022

The Alternative LEH Sixth Form Video

Filmed and edited entirely by LEH's Lower Sixth Creative Directors, the Alternative LEH Sixth Form video shows LEH Sixth Form directly through their eyes. Thank you to Emma, Michelle, Niamh and Thea for their hard work in putting this together. 


The Humanities Department at LEH has enabled me to improve my skills in communication and critical thinking at A level. These skills are so transferable to almost every aspect of one’s life, and are further enriched by the Sixth Form ‘plus’ sessions that we can attend from January, as well as extra-curricular activities such as Debating Club or Creative Writing Club. The teachers at LEH allow you to reach your full potential in these subjects, and always encourage you to view things a little differently.

georgie - head girl team 2021-2022

What I love most about LEH, and in particular, the Sixth Form, is the extensive number of activities available for each and every student to participate in. Everyone is guaranteed to find a club that they enjoy, finding lifelong friends in the process. Having been encouraged to play sport in Thirds, there have been many tournaments and matches that have provided me with skills that I have implemented in academic life, such as motivation and independence, but most importantly teamwork. I have found that balancing academic work and extracurricular activities at LEH is far from demanding, and students engage in independent learning within a truly supportive community, which provides us with the confidence to achieve amazing things inside and outside the classroom.

gabby - head girl team 2021-2022