Welcome from the Head Girl Team

3 Sixth Form students chatting and working at table
Chorus Cast of Anything Goes posing as sailors
Holles Singers performing at LEH Winter Concert 2017 standing side on
Sixth Form students studying at Computers in Sixth Form library
LEH and Hampton Sixth Form students sitting on field

Life in the Sixth Form has meant that we all have the opportunity to thrive, and really develop a passion for our subjects in an incredibly supportive and motivating atmosphere. The Sixth Form is a close-knit student community where we are encouraged to reach our full potential by teachers and our peers alike. Classes are much smaller in Sixth Form, meaning that teachers and students get to know each other and can build strong relationships. There are vast opportunities for delving further into the subjects we love, and the Sixth Form environment is really conducive to personal development and preparation for the future.

The extensive array of opportunities offered is incredible, ranging from enrichment sessions, to fascinating lectures, and a whole host of extra-curricular activities. Much of what is on offer in Sixth Form can also be student-run, leaving a space for new ideas all the time. From the start of Lower Sixth, there are also chances to hold positions of responsibility, giving you the chance to develop leadership roles and get to know younger girls.

The Careers Programme is really varied, and we have received so much support in helping us choose our future paths. The new facilities available for us are great; the Sixth Form Library has subject-specific books to help with research projects and essays, and the Café is an excellent place to relax with friends whilst enjoying a cup of tea!

We are immensely grateful for all of this, and for the opportunities offered here, that help to shape us as individuals. We are very proud to be part of the LEH community.

Ultimately, the two years we spend in Sixth Form will be of great importance, as we make many big decisions, but we have found that they are also the most fun and invigorating, and there is nowhere else we would want to spend the remainder of our secondary education. We really hope that you come and enjoy your time here as much as we are enjoying ours.

Jessica, Alex, Lucinda and Nadya - The Head Girl Team 2018-2019

A fascinating talk given by the renowned scientist Robert Winston in our very own Assembly Hall was a particular highlight of the last year, and was part of a diverse and busy Science Week. As an aspiring medic and scientist, I found his talk particularly interesting, and was really inspired by his thoughts on science. The calibre of his talk is representative of the incredible speakers that visit us here at LEH.

lucinda - head girl team 2018-2019

The Alternative LEH Sixth Form Video 2019

Filmed and edited entirely by LEH's Lower Sixth Creative Directors, the Alternative LEH Sixth Form video shows LEH Sixth Form directly through their eyes. Thank you to Emma, Michelle, Niamh and Thea for their hard work in putting this together. 


Over the summer, Alex and I spent three and a half weeks in Namibia with the Hampton School Adventure Society. We spent time teaching in local schools, learning about the incredible wildlife, and getting involved in activities like white water rafting. It was a once in a lifetime experience we won’t ever be able to forget.

Jessica - head girl 2018-2019

I have loved getting involved with all the drama during my time at LEH. The sense of team involvement that you get from being a part of a cast here is so lovely and it is always amazing to see everything come together with immense sets and elaborate  costume at the end of the rehearsal time.

Alex - head girl team 2018-2019

life in the sixth Form

I came to LEH playing the flute and the piano, and was quickly encouraged to get involved in the dynamic, exciting activities available. I now enjoy playing in the school orchestra, two chamber groups, a flute ensemble and sing in three choirs, one of which is joined with Hampton School. A definite highlight has been our choir tours, where I have been able to sing in Budapest, Vienna as well as in Venice- truly amazing experiences that will stay with my for my whole life.

Nadya - head girl team 2018-2019