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Entering Sixth Form at LEH is an experience like no other: you have the opportunity to undertake new responsibilities, you build upon and create new friendships and you further pursue your academic interests far beyond GCSE level. At LEH, we are encouraged to flourish with the wide range of extra-curricular activities, roles of responsibility and academic guidance that we receive over the course of the two years, helping to prepare us for the future and grow into young adults with all the skills we may need to excel. You might think that joining the Sixth Form with five years of LEH experience under our belts, two of us with nine, would mean that we had seen and experienced as much as we could, but Sixth Form at LEH has certainly proved to defy that claim.  

One of the many benefits of entering the Sixth Form is the increased freedom, both academically and socially. The demands of A levels are fully appreciated by all members of the LEH community and Sixth Formers benefit from independent study opportunities and spaces to aid learning. Our Sixth Form library has an abundance of resources for all subjects and study periods throughout the course of the week help pupils to manage the workload effectively. Although academic life is undeniably busier in the Sixth Form, the value LEH places on extra-curricular engagement remains the same. The experience of Sixth Formers outside of timetabled lessons is entirely personalised and varies greatly between each student, with the formidable lists of extra-curricular activities growing every year. With new and exciting extra-curricular opportunities created by Sixth Formers for Sixth Formers, in addition to the existing clubs embedded into the school’s identity, opportunities to undertake leadership roles within clubs and societies are not difficult to find.  

Academic curiosity and exploration are highly valued at LEH, particularly in the Sixth Form, with all students encouraged to pursue their passions beyond the A level curriculums. These endeavours are aided by our vast network of enthusiastic teaching staff who inspire us as students to challenge ourselves intellectually and strive for academic fulfilment. Opportunities to engage in debate and discussion in academic areas of interest are plentiful at LEH, with specialist ‘Subject Plus’ sessions on offer weekly to all Sixth Form students, and there are regular visits from distinguished speakers across subject areas and beyond. Smaller class sizes in the Sixth Form also help to foster a highly focused study environment during lessons, where class material can be fully analysed and debated freely.  

In preparation for entering the Sixth Form, students are given the opportunity to apply for the highly valued and important Roles of Responsibility, offering leadership experience across various aspects of school life. Students enthusiastically and creatively embrace these roles, which include Subject Representatives, Inclusion Champions, Creative Directors, MUN Secretariats, Digital Mentors, Eco Squad and more. These positions provide highly beneficial experience to the L6th as we can hone our leadership, communication, public speaking and organisational skills. As ambassadors for respective areas of the school, this opportunity, being unique to Sixth Form, gives students the platform to work together to plan impressive and rewarding events like International Women’s Day and LEH’s first ever Culture Day, earlier this year. Similarly, in Upper Sixth, there is the opportunity to apply for leadership positions. These include the Head Girl Team, the Leadership team, Thirds Mentors, House Captains and Sports Captains. Having these roles of responsibility is an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for students in the Upper Sixth as they use creativity, leadership and organisation to represent the voice of the student body and become an even more integral part of the LEH community.  

Preparation for life beyond LEH extends well beyond our weekly Careers sessions, with Enrichment lessons every week with Hampon School students, the opportunity to complete an EPQ, and events such as the annual Higher Education and Careers fairs enhancing our knowledge of the world outside of the LEH bubble.  During timetabled careers sessions, talks from experts both inside and outside LEH give insight into a wide range of topics, covering areas such as student finance, degree choices, and entering the workforce. In weekly Enrichment sessions, Sixth Form students from LEH and Hampton come together to attend lessons in subjects ranging from current affairs to cooking, with the theme of these lessons changing every half term. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an externally awarded qualification undertaken in the Lower Sixth in the form of either a 5,000 word essay, or artefact. from composing a piece of music, to writing an analysis of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EPQ gives students the opportunity to really deepen their knowledge in any subject area of interest, as long as it extends past the standard A level curriculum.  

Sixth Form at LEH is a truly remarkable experience, full of new and rewarding experiences. We are enjoying every moment of it and feel confident that as we approach the next stage of our lives, we are prepared and have all the skills needed to prosper! 

Rivonia, Evie, Isabella and Megan - Head Girl Team 2023-24 

Sixth Form is a brilliant opportunity to give back to the diverse areas of the LEH community that I have participated in throughout my journey through the school, for example running school events, leading clubs and having roles of responsibility. This has not only enhanced my organisation and leadership skills but has also given me the opportunity to develop my relationships with younger students, which has been a huge highlight of my time at LEH. As an Inclusion Champion, I have been able to immerse myself into my passion of celebrating diversity and inclusion at LEH, enabling me to not only come up with the idea but carry out the celebration of LEH’s first ever Culture Day, an event that brought together the different communities of LEH to share different aspects of world culture! Furthermore, during my time in the Sixth Form, I have found that balancing academic work and extra-curricular activities has not been challenging, as I have continued to take part in musical theatre productions, MUN conferences and subject-related competitions, alongside my studies. This has allowed me to forge friendships with students in the entire Sixth Form and has enabled me to develop an array of skills that I will be able to utilise in my endeavours beyond LEH. 

rivonia - head girl 2023-2024

life in the sixth Form

LEH promotes a love of learning in all of its students, and this priority is definitely carried through into the Sixth Form. With the school’s suite of super-curricular enrichment sessions, I am able to broaden my horizons and explore my academic capabilities. I enjoy being intellectually stretched by debates and discussions over the more complex concepts within my subject interests, preparing me for the depth of university education. Academic prosperity however is not the only focus at LEH. Wellbeing and social fulfilment is also a priority, and the school helps us to find time, amongst our studies, to relax with friends in our comfortable and friendly Common Room. I’m able to explore my non-academic passions, such as music and sport, which has greatly enriched my experience at LEH. Sixth Form also offers the opportunity for students to apply for leadership positions, and I value this chance to give back and support the LEH community which is so important to me and all pupils here.  

evie- head girl team 2023-2024

The Alternative LEH Sixth Form Video

Filmed and edited entirely by LEH's Lower Sixth Creative Directors, the Alternative LEH Sixth Form video shows LEH Sixth Form directly through their eyes. Thank you to Emma, Michelle, Niamh and Thea for their hard work in putting this together. 


I can hand on heart say that Lower Sixth has been the favourite of my years at LEH so far. The opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and truly preparing myself for life beyond school have come thick and fast, from leading clubs to participating in enrichment sessions with boys at Hampton School. University preparation has made me feel more than ready to begin the process of submitting my applications, with minimal stress and fear in my mind. One of the highlights of this year for me has been working on my EPQ, where creating a programming artefact has given me the opportunity to really deepen my knowledge of computer science, maths, and physics. This, however, has not been the only opportunity for me to work way beyond the normal A level curriculum, with subject enrichment sessions, competitions such as the Science Olympiads, and being taught by the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers allowing me to really engage with material beyond the syllabus. Away from academia, working on my Speech and Drama Diploma and acting in the school play have been some of my most enjoyable experiences at LEH, and have helped me to develop my communication and presentation skills for use in both leadership roles within the school, and the world beyond LEH. 

Isabella - head girl team 2023-2024

Now halfway through my time in Sixth Form at LEH, I can confirm that it certainly is as incredible as all of my friends in year groups above me claimed when I was younger! You begin to really focus in on the subjects you most enjoy, through moving to studying just three or four subjects at A level, and there are many more opportunities for leadership, such as leading clubs, being a Peer mentor or Thirds mentor, and even, by virtue of age, you take on the great responsibility of being a role model to younger students at LEH Senior School, LEH Junior School, and even Hampton Boys’ School.  

megan - head girl team 2023-2024