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Sixth Form is an exciting time for students, introducing a wide range of opportunities from academic to extra-curricular activities which allows us to thrive. Despite the looming idea of A levels, Sixth Form is often pronounced as a highlight of the LEH journey: when teenagers can develop into young adults preparing for the future. Although the prospect of leaving the nurturing environment that students have called home for so long can seem intimidating, the overwhelming support provided by staff and fellow students makes the last two years of school even more enjoyable than the rest.

Sixth Form marks the beginning of A levels as well as prospects of Higher Education, which can seem daunting and uncertain. However, the Careers Department’s devoted staff help each individual student to fulfil their own potential. This includes providing us with an array of resources, University and Career Fairs as well as one-on-one weekly slots tailored to each individual’s needs. However, arguably the most important resource for support at LEH are the teachers. The relationships formed with the teachers develops in the Sixth Form into a support system that you can trust and always rely on. The teachers pass on their passion and enthusiasm of their subject, making education interactive and real instead of just the act of learning.

The resources available to students at LEH truly enhance, and arguably define the Sixth Form experience. The Common room offers an amazing space to both study and socialise, encouraging the integration of new students and aiding with the development of friendships, with opportunity to interact with people across the entire year group. This is further facilitated by the Sixth Form Café, which not only provides space to relax, but encourages the mixing of year groups by connecting the respective common rooms; such a strong sense of community is definitive of the friendly and inclusive atmosphere at LEH. The notably small classes at A level allow for the development of closer relationships with teaching staff, alongside a well-supported and in-depth exploration of the subjects the students are most passionate about. The Sixth Form Library is equally invaluable to study at A level, providing a quiet place to work, as well as an array of subject-specialist books and resources to further enhance learning and encourage wider-reading.

Our Sixth Form experience is further enriched by the vast range of opportunities we are offered in order to develop our social and leadership skills, both of which are vital towards the progression of us as independent young women. In the Sixth Form, we are able to act as figures of guidance towards the younger pupils as a result of several leadership roles that we have the chance to choose from. The familiar interaction between all of us here at LEH is a driving factor to the school’s welcoming and warm sense of community. Throughout the school, taking part in activities such as clubs run by the Sixth Form, is a great means for us all to enjoy our lunchtime recess while simultaneously building new friendships with each other. Furthermore, our Sixth Form timetables are embellished with the addition of weekly enrichment sessions which are joint with the neighbouring Hampton Boys’ School. These periods allow us to get to know more students who are at the same point in their A level courses; we are all taught a conglomeration of skills that will undoubtedly come of use to us in the future.

The range of extra-curricular activities available is expansive, and as is the same throughout the years at LEH. There is always the chance to further your academic interests with clubs stemming from all Departments, encouraging us to explore our subjects outside of lessons. The variety of sport, from swimming to lacrosse to badminton, allows us to push our abilities to the highest level in our final years at school. In the Drama Department, the opportunity to direct or participate in the Sixth Form play presents a new way of taking to the stage, while the annual Upper School Musical is the chance to showcase the best of our theatrical talent. Orchestras and choirs, including our very own Holles Singers, are open to all whether you’re a newly enthusiastic musician or someone well acquainted to the LEH musical scene. Extra-curriculars also enable us to get to know pupils in all other years, creating friendships not only in the classroom but also on the pitch or in the music room. The range available makes the balance between studies and activities so much more exciting in Sixth Form.

A distinct feature of LEH is the single sex environment which allows us to thrive and support each other as young, independent women. The relaxed atmosphere and help we are all able to give each other empowers us to focus on our goals, while simultaneously lessening any potential work stresses as we can share our worries. The absence of a uniform in the Sixth Form also allows a further opportunity to express ourselves without the fear of judgment. There are also strong links between LEH and Hampton School, exemplified by our shared Sixth Form enrichment, trips at GCSE and A level, the coach system, as well as the annual joint musical, which allow us to develop social skills as well as form lifelong friendships.

Sixth Form presents a period of great personal development and increased independence. LEH provides a unique combination of strong academic support, extra-curricular opportunities, and a friendly and encouraging environment, the combination of which aids this transition seamlessly. Our time at LEH has been so special and happy, and we hope you will take advantage of everything it has to offer too.

Emily, Anna, Hattie and Zaynah - Head Girl Team 2020-2021

Since I joined LEH six years ago, I have been completely submerged in the world of Senior School sport. From hopelessly tripping up on my first day of lacrosse camp before Thirds, knowing only that the game was like ‘hockey in the air’ to becoming runners up at National Schools Lacrosse Championships only four years later. Sport even took me on the trip of a lifetime to Barbados and the USA last year where we developed our sporting skills, explored the local areas and did it all surrounded by our best friends- while of course developing a great tan!

emily - head girl 2020-2021

Head Girl Team 2020-2021 - photographed in Lockdown

Throughout my time at LEH, my love for modern languages has developed significantly with the support of inspiring teachers and the amazing extra-curricular opportunities I have been presented with. My appreciation for French and German culture has been enhanced by memorable trips, completing exchanges to both Paris and Konstanz, alongside hosting an exchange from Munich, corresponding with my French pen pal and competing in the ‘Goethe Institut’ debate against other schools this academic year. LEH has truly broadened my horizons, consistently emphasising the value of engaging with other cultures and traditions.

hattie - head girl team 2020-2021

life in the sixth Form

My time at LEH has been complemented by the amazing support I have been given to immerse myself in my passions. As an aspiring Medic, our weekly Medical Society has given me constant guidance and I have particularly loved having lunchtime talks with visiting professionals. Combined with events like our annual Careers Evening where we have the chance to meet individuals from a huge range of backgrounds, LEH has made me feel really secure about my future while simultaneously pursuing my favourite hobbies like netball and singing.

zaynah - head girl team 2020-2021

The Alternative LEH Sixth Form Video

Filmed and edited entirely by LEH's Lower Sixth Creative Directors, the Alternative LEH Sixth Form video shows LEH Sixth Form directly through their eyes. Thank you to Emma, Michelle, Niamh and Thea for their hard work in putting this together. 


My interest in classics has piqued as a result of the opportunities provided by such an enthusiastic Department. The trips abroad to Greece and Rome have extended my understanding of the ancient world and allowed me to explore both the classical sites and modern highlights. Within school itself, the establishment of a Classics Society, fondly referred to as ClasSoc, has given me a weekly dose of fun facts through the presentations by teachers, other students, and the chance to read some of the greatest plays in a group of equally avid Classicists.

Anna - head girl team 2020-2021