Welcome from Head of Sixth Form

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Pupils at LEH often comment that the two years they spend in the Sixth Form is a time of almost unparalleled excitement and diversity.

The subjects students study in the Sixth Form create the bedrock of their academic experience. In addition, pupils benefit from a staggering range of other challenges, trips and opportunities, each of them deepening and enriching their personality and their outlook on the wider world.

LEH students are independent thinkers, many of whom develop a high level of knowledge and expertise in areas of personal interest through completion of the Extended Project Qualification.

As well as academic lessons, students learn by taking part in activities such as sport, music, drama, Young Enterprise and Combined Cadet Forces. Mentoring younger pupils will deepen and enrich their outlook on the wider world, while taking on roles within our House system and on committees, such as Model United Nations develops their leadership skills. These experiences stay will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 

When they leave for university, LEH students are well-rounded, grounded and intellectually curious, and go on to thrive in a range of academic settings and equally retain a key concern for their role both within and beyond the School community. They know how to realise their full potential, contribute to their communities and retain a sense of fun, purpose and direction in everything they do. The Sixth Form environment which exists at LEH is certainly a remarkably diverse, stimulating and enjoyable one.

Mark Tompsett

Head of Sixth Form

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The Alternative LEH Sixth Form Video 2024

Filmed and edited entirely by LEH's Lower Sixth Creative Directors, the Alternative LEH Sixth Form video shows LEH Sixth Form directly through their eyes. Thank you to Emma, Michelle, Niamh and Thea for their hard work in putting this together. 

First Impressions of LEH School

Our L6 Creative Directors interviewed new joiners in Form 1, Thirds, Sixth Form and our new Head Mistress, Mrs Cole, to learn about their first impressions of LEH School during their first few weeks.

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