Sixth Form life at LEH

Sixth Form life at LEH

Sixth Form not only prepares us for the next stages of our lives, it also gives us a chance to lead the school ourselves. 


In Lower Sixth you can apply for a number of different roles within the school and also attend an annual Leadership Course run jointly with Hampton School. We spend a weekend in the New Forest learning and practising how to be good leaders. 

Class sizes are smaller and there are new subjects to choose from, like History of Art, Classical Civilisation, Theatre Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, Government and Politics and Further Maths. We have more time with our teachers and there are enrichment sessions which go way beyond the standard curriculum. In this environment, your passion for a subject can really thrive, meaning your decisions for university are never flippant. 

When we want to take a break, there are lots of facilities just for sixth formers. The recently refurbished common rooms and the new sixth form cafe are great spaces to get to know people outside our friendship and subject groups. 

Another facility available to us for the first time is the Sixth Form library. This light, quiet area is the perfect place to focus. It's really helped us make the most of free periods and free time. 

Thanks to Sixth Form, we've gained a whole new sense of independence. There are so many opportunities to lead and flourish. We've loved taking advantage of them and we are sure you will too.

Head Girl Team