Welcome from the Head of Middle School

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The transition to Senior School can be a challenging time but from the moment our Middle School pupils arrive they are encouraged to be part of a caring, supportive community that allows students to be themselves and to grasp new opportunities with both hands. Students with all levels of accomplishment and expertise are encouraged to participate in the wide variety of activities on offer.

The students study a broad curriculum that stimulates, challenges and helps them make informed decisions about their subject choices as they pass into the Upper School. Students are encouraged to question, think creatively and understand that failure builds success. The teachers are warm and approachable and work with students to develop their academic potential.

We are rightly proud of our pastoral system at LEH. In the Middle School, each form will have two tutors, carefully selected for their skill with students of this age group. Daily form time is used to broaden the LEH education including lively discussions about recent news items, well-being activities and the organisation of charity events. Each year group also has a Head of Year and our nurses and counsellors all contribute to the holistic pastoral care on offer.   

We hope that as they leave the Middle School all pupils will have developed the qualities of self-discipline, ambition and integrity that will allow them to flourish as they prepare for public examinations and beyond.

I look forward to welcoming you to LEH Senior School.

Katie Sinnett

Head of Middle School

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Our L6 Creative Directors interviewed new joiners in Form 1, Thirds, Sixth Form and our new Head Mistress, Mrs Cole, to learn about their first impressions of LEH School during their first few weeks.

Moving On Up!

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