Welcome from Head of Upper School

Hilary Ndongong
Starting your GCSE courses is an exciting time in your school career.  It marks the beginning of your personal academic adventure.  Pupils in the Upper School enjoy this first opportunity to study subjects that are of greater interest to them.  They appreciate the intellectual rigour of the GCSE courses and value the opportunity to begin to explore their future ambitions. 

The extra-curricular programme provides a happy complement to the academic experience.  There are many opportunities for pupils to revel in their enthusiasm for sport, music and drama, in addition to learning new skills, discovering hobbies and above all, to have fun! 

Pupils in the Upper School often comment that it is exciting to step up to the challenges presented by being in the Fifth Form, and they value the support network in place to help them to achieve their goals.  We want you to feel you can forge ahead and embrace the opportunities presented to you, but we know that there may be a few bumps along the way.  We operate as your safety net and are there to help you bounce back.  Pupils move onwards into the Sixth Form with greater self-awareness, confidence and resilience.

Look forward to this next step in your LEH career.  We are so excited to be working with you. 

Hilary Ndongong

Assistant Head (Upper School)

Language students sat on steps
LEH lacrosse team photo
students in white greecian robes dancing
Holles Singers performing at LEH Winter Concert 2017 standing side on
D of E students with their camping gear in a field