Welcome from Head Girl Team

Undoubtedly, moving from a primary school to a large, bustling secondary school can be a stressful time for pupils, however, what LEH does so brilliantly is make you feel instantly welcome by establishing a warm and inviting atmosphere from the very beginning. Just before school starts, Netball and Lacrosse camp are  open to the whole school and this is the first day where you can truly take in the amazing community LEH has. Camp allows you to bond with your peers over mutual difficulties in picking up the new and very strange sport of Lacrosse just before you start the academic year. On the first day of school you continue to meet fellow students in your form, with whom you take most classes, and also those in your House. You get introduced to your ‘buddy’ as well - an older, experienced pupil who gives you a tour of the school and imparts golden pieces of advice regarding the first year of LEH and the opportunities to come.

Another extremely exciting aspect of joining LEH in Thirds is the Team Building residential trip, which many of us Sixth Formers would say was the highlight of our year: a weekend away completing outdoor activities such as the fabled ‘Big Swing’ whilst simultaneously solidifying new friendships with your classmates. It is truly such a memorable moment in your school career!

LEH recognises that this new, busy and lively environment can be overwhelming for some students, particularly when they first join the Senior School; the outstanding pastoral team is available for advice and guidance, and our new wellbeing room also offers a more secluded area for students to relax in.

Finally, arguably the most enriching part of Thirds (which is also applicable to any year group in the school) is the opportunity to join such a breadth of clubs and societies. Ranging from the classic lacrosse and netball clubs, to coding, STEM, HALE (humanities), astronomy, frequent plays, choirs, orchestras and even fencing, there is no shortage of activities to get involved in, and it is safe to say that there is something for absolutely everyone! We would definitely recommend signing up for as many extracurriculars as possible in order to find your passions and like-minded people, as it is another fantastic method of building friendships at the start of your journey through LEH. It is also a great opportunity to meet people from various year groups, often some of the clubs or societies might be run by the Sixth Formers, which is a great way to build connections throughout the school!

We look forward to welcoming you to our school soon, and showing you in-person all the wonderful things you can achieve here at LEH.

Amrit, Harriet, Willow and Heidi - Head Girl Team 2024-25

Joining a school where my year group alone was bigger than my entire primary school, was daunting. I can still remember the nerves, mixed with excitement, bubbling within me as I stepped into, what would become my second home for the next seven years.

My initial nerves were squashed with the abundance of encouragement, warmth and kindness the teachers and students expressed. I immediately felt welcomed into this new environment. I was surrounded by a new diverse range of students, all unique in their backgrounds, cultures and interests. From the beginning, we were encouraged to ‘get involved and try everything,’ from music and drama, to sports, to STEM club, to MUN (Model United Nations) - there was so much to choose from, and I wanted to do it all! These activities enabled more opportunities for me to both develop and broaden my friendships with the girls not only in my year but also across the school.

In Sixth Form, I have continued to participate in these extra-curricular activities, particularly netball and drama. LEH has also enabled me to have invaluable experiences such as volunteering at the local primary schools and supporting the local elderly community, which has been a personal favourite memory at school. I can assure any prospective students, you will have the opportunity to thrive here at LEH. It is a school that caters to a wide range of interests, full of wonderful, creative and individual students – I’m sure it will become your next second home, like it has for me! 

amrit - head girl 2024-2025

Coming from a year of forty people in primary school, secondary school seemed like a daunting step up to 11 year-old me. I was fortunate enough to enter LEH knowing six or seven other girls in my Third’s form group already, but I found that this didn’t actually benefit or disadvantage me in my plight to make new friends. Quickly, there were people all over the school that I was familiar with due to my wide extra-curricular participation, so encouraged by the school. Through drama, music, house activities, competition and sport, I met so many life-long friends and inspirational older girls. To those considering LEH as a senior school, all I can say is that there is no other place that supports so well in so many areas of your life, encouraging you to grow into your own individual and grasp any and all opportunities that come your way.

HARRIET - head girl TEAM 2024-2025

It was daunting joining LEH in Year 9 and being the only new girl in my class but the students and teachers made every effort to make me feel welcome. I remember being enthusiastic to attend some of the many clubs, just like a new Year 7 would be! I tried out Netball, Chess, Bridge, the Combined Cadet Force, Astronomy Club, Noble Critical Thinking and more. It was also great to have a go at lacrosse despite my lack of experience and ability to catch! During my time at LEH, I have found that this enthusiasm especially applies to teachers (especially Mr Brittain - an absolute legend!).  I have taken part in many activities beyond the curriculum inside and outside of school. Since the beginning of Sixth Form, I have found that these opportunities have only become more abundant.

I also love that LEH students  are so willing to help each other, even across year groups. On several occasions, I have asked students in the years above for help, whether it be in entering competitions or deciding which A levels to pick. I am enjoying returning the favour by helping younger students and advising them in entering the Atherton Award and Arkwright Scholarship. The friendliness of LEH is unwavering and makes it truly a pleasure to be a part of this community.

willow - head girl TEAM 2024-2025

Whilst the transition to a larger school was inevitably unnerving to me, LEH has so much to offer that helped me get to know my fellow classmates from the day I began. Induction Day, house events and the Thirds PGL trip all enabled us to meet one another at the very beginning of Senior School, and were the starting points of many of my most valuable friendships today. Another fantastic opportunity to help you settle in is the vast range of extra-curricular activities on offer, which are sure to cater for every pupil’s interests; clubs such as lacrosse, cricket, junior choir, maths club and Astronomy club were all on my agenda, although pursuits in the drama, humanities and Computer Science Departments - just to name a few - are also available. Everyone gets involved, which makes the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere of LEH even more prominent. LEH will help you find your passions and seize every opportunity in order to thrive, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Heidi - head girl TEAM 2024-2025

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