Welcome from Head Girl Team

Entering Secondary School may feel daunting and intimidating, but LEH creates a relaxing environment and holds activities perfect for making new friends and getting to know your peers. Year events such as the Induction Day, inter-class competitions and the PGL team-building trip enable new students to find common interests and establish friendships. The Thirds are assigned a buddy from another year group upon joining LEH which eases your settling in, especially when combined with support from teachers who will help you find your feet. The House system at LEH provides another community in which to make friends, as do extra-curricular activities; from lacrosse club to Junior Choir, where you can find others who share your interests.

Ravi, Elysia, Gabby and Georgie - Head Girl Team 2021-2022

Coming to LEH and not knowing many people was daunting, but the mix of class activities, team-building events and the Induction day diminished my nerves quickly. Everyone was so friendly and it was easy to find people with common interests whilst also having fun working together. We all realised that we were in the same boat, which made creating friendships even easier.

ravi - head girl 2021-2022

From the moment I joined LEH in Thirds, a huge variety of house activities were available, ranging from House Drama to House Jigsaw to House Lacrosse. These events encouraged friendly competitiveness and helped to develop valuable lasting cross-year friendships. The House system provides your LEH family which can comfort and help you throughout the Senior School.

elysia - head girl team 2021-2022

I was quite shy upon joining LEH but I found that the best way to overcome my nervousness and make friends who shared my interests was to involve myself with lots of extracurricular activities; I joined several orchestras, as well as the lacrosse team and MUN club. I really recommend fully immersing yourself in the LEH experience, as it helps you to settle in sooner to the warm community at LEH, as well as to develop new hobbies.

georgie - head girl team 2021-2022

Having arrived from LEH Juniors, I was fortunate enough to know some of the girls already, however, I found that the Senior School provided the perfect opportunity to find lots of new friends, especially from the various activities and clubs that I attended. Particularly in Thirds, everyone is keen to meet new people, and although it may seem like a challenge at first, being confident in talking to everyone can really help you settle in and feel relaxed.

gabby - head girl team 2021-2022

Students on a home made boat in the water smiling
The Good Witch and Dorothy in Wizard of Oz LEH production
Thirds performing at LEH Winter Concert 2016 wearing House T-shirts - lots of colour
Swimming underwater in LEH Pool
LIV Geography trip on cliffs