Welcome from Head Girl Team

Entering Secondary School may feel a little daunting, however as soon as you join LEH you are met with a warm and welcoming environment and a multitude of different activities to help you get settled in. Right from the beginning of Thirds, and throughout the year, events such as the Induction Day, inter-form competitions and the PGL team building trip provide a great platform to make connections and establish common interests. Each new pupil is assigned a buddy from an older year group who eases your settling in by being an approachable figure ready to provide guidance or even just a chat. There are so many different opportunities to make friends and discover new passions at LEH. We all believe that the house system provides another layer of community within the school acting as a hub of multi-year group interaction, exciting new activities and challenges, as well as a good dose of team spirit. This, combined with extra-curricular activities, sports teams and the constant support of teachers makes the transition from primary school so much smoother. 

We all look forward to welcoming you to LEH and seeing you get involved with all of the wonderful things that our school has to offer. 

Olivia, Amelie, Mia and Nilomi - Head Girl Team 2022-23 

Coming from LEH Junior School, seeing some familiar faces definitely eased the transition, however the leap into the somewhat daunting idea of Secondary School still intimidated me. Luckily this leap was cushioned by the extremely welcoming atmosphere here at LEH. This included being paired up with a buddy, being surrounded by supportive staff and older pupils, having team building opportunities with your year, and the multitude of house events you are presented with. Signing up to nearly every club at the curriculum fair (even if it was just to get the free food used as bribes), introduced me to many of my passions to this day, such as chess, robotics, MUN and more. Additionally it enabled me to make friends I otherwise never would have made. Stepping out of my comfort zone allowed me to meet new possibilities and built my confidence hugely. 

nilomi - head girl team 2022-2023

Although I was the only person from my primary school who joined LEH, which certainly made my first day of Thirds nerve-wracking, the welcoming nature of the school meant that I soon felt at home and made new friends. From the buddy scheme to Form activities, the system in place helps everyone to settle in very quickly. I would recommend joining a wide variety of clubs as they will give you the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and enable you to engage with students from across the school community. You may also discover a new passion – my involvement with MUN sparked a love of debating which continues to this day. A highlight of Year 7 for me was involvement in House Activities, from drama to choir, jigsaw to sport, which are not only hugely enjoyable but foster a real sense of community. No matter your passion, you will find something for you at LEH! 

olivia - head girl 2022-2023

Joining LEH from a far smaller primary school was definitely a daunting idea, but it was such a smooth and welcoming process as I was met with a buddy and plenty of teambuilding activities which acted as great opportunities to form friendships straight away. I immediately got involved with inter-house competitions where I was encouraged to try out new activities and I even met the friends I am still closest with to this day. From House Debating to House Jigsaw, there truly is an event for everyone. I think that the house system at LEH creates such a strong sense of community within the school. I found this to be incredibly valuable not only for meeting people from all year groups but also to build confidence throughout my time at the school. 

amelie - head girl team 2022-2023

I joined LEH having come from LEH Juniors, so I was lucky in that I already knew a few familiar faces, however transitioning to a much larger environment was still quite intimidating. Despite this, the huge variety of different extra-curricular activities on offer means there is something for everyone and I was able to make many new friends quickly. I immersed myself in LEH life by joining the netball and lacrosse teams, and I would recommend getting involved with as many clubs as possible, in order to settle in and get the most out of your LEH experience. The many house activities, from year 7 onwards, cement bonds between years, meaning you also get to know many people around school, so the LEH community is a very close knit group. 

mia - head girl team 2022-2023