Welcome from Head Girl Team

Four students of the Head Girl team standing together

Entering Secondary School may feel a little daunting, however as soon as you join LEH you are met with a warm and welcoming environment and a multitude of different activities to help you get settled in. Right from the beginning of Thirds, and throughout the year, events such as the Induction Day, inter-form competitions and the PGL team building trip provide a great platform to make connections and establish common interests. Each new pupil is assigned a buddy from an older year group who eases your settling in by being an approachable figure ready to provide guidance or even just a chat. There are so many different opportunities to make friends and discover new passions at LEH. We all believe that the house system provides another layer of community within the school acting as a hub of multi-year group interaction, exciting new activities and challenges, as well as a good dose of team spirit. This, combined with extra-curricular activities, sports teams and the constant support of teachers makes the transition from primary school so much smoother. 

We all look forward to welcoming you to LEH and seeing you get involved with all of the wonderful things that our school has to offer. 

Rivonia, Evie, Isabella and Megan - Head Girl Team 2023-24 

I can still remember the excitement of joining Thirds like it was simultaneously yesterday and a lifetime ago. Finding my way around a campus ten times as big as my primary school, getting involved in as many clubs as I could sign on to, and making friendships that I hope will last far beyond my time at LEH. While I was a little nervous about how academically rigorous the school is known to be, I was surprised and delighted to be met with the number one message of ‘try everything’, rather than the ‘ten hours of homework a night’ I was prepared for. Pi Club, Junior Choir, Sinfonietta, Cross Country - you name it and I was probably there. Houses were a great way for me to make friends outside my form, and inter-year trips such as the annual ski trip helped me make friends in different years that I am still close to today. To any prospective Third, my number one piece of advice is you’ll never regret the opportunities you take, just the ones you let slide past you. Get involved in that club, go sit with that person at lunch, enter that competition. Who knows, it might just change the course of your school career. 

isabella - head girl team 2023-2024

Joining LEH from the Junior School meant that I was extremely fortunate to be entering the school knowing a few familiar faces. However, this did not take away from the inevitable intimidation of moving into a larger environment. Nonetheless, I was able to instantly get involved in the numerous activities and events that the Senior School had to offer, resulting in me quickly making new friends and excitedly anticipating coming to school every day. A highlight for me was definitely being able to learn lacrosse, a sport that I had never come across previously, that enabled me to further my initial passion for sports and allowed me to easily get to know the other pupils in the year group. Therefore, the biggest piece of advice that I could give to a new student would be to get involved! Some of the best memories that I have at LEH come from the sports teams, musical theatre performances, house events and choirs that I participated in as a Third, developing my friendships with the entire year group and resulting in myself becoming a confident and creative individual. No matter your passion or skill level, there is something for everyone at LEH! 

Rivonia - head girl 2023-2024

Joining Thirds, I was the only person from my very small, very different primary school, making the process more than slightly intimidating. However, from the moment I arrived at LEH, I was welcomed into the warm and buzzing atmosphere by teachers and students alike, and I immediately felt so comfortable in this unfamiliar environment. Settling in proved nowhere near as difficult as I had feared, and the friends I made on the very first day remain a key part of my LEH life today. As a Third, I was eager to throw myself into all aspects of LEH, and the bustling extra-curricular fair at the beginning of term highlighted the vast array of clubs and societies we can enjoy. As a Sixth Former, I continue to engage with this strand of school life as much as possible, as a member of the Symphony Orchestra and the ‘Off the Cuff’ swing band, in addition to the netball and tennis squads, as well as taking part in the fun House activities. 

evie - head girl team 2023-2024

Like Rivonia, I also came from LEH Junior School. About 25% of the Senior School year group is made up of Junior School alumnae, so whilst there are many familiar faces, there are many more new ones! I really liked this balance, and through joining music, sports and other extra-curricular activities, I was able to meet students with similar interests and passions to me. It goes without saying that joining any Senior School is a daunting prospect, however, I truly believe that LEH makes the transition as exciting as possible. I am genuinely so excited for every single Third when I see them on their first day, as I know how much fun awaits them.   

megan - head girl team 2023-2024