Students working on ipads in pairs in Computing Suite
Sixth Form chemistry experiment - students checking levels on experiment
Scientist man performing experiments in Theatre with smoke and steam
At LEH we are keen to inspire the next generation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by providing our students with a wide range of exciting opportunities.

There are numerous competitions for students of all ages to participate in, both within and across departments. These include the UK Maths Trust challenges, Biology, Physics and Chemistry British Science Olympiads, Bebras computational thinking challenge, the Schools Starpack Packaging Design Awards, and the Airgineers micro drone challenge. In addition, each department runs its own weekly clubs and subject clinics.

There are also many organised trips and opportunities within the school year to focus on particular areas. Some examples include the annual Goswell 6th form Science Lecture, Middle School activity days and outings, the Big Bang fair, and Science Week.

Students may apply for the WELL STEM 6th form scholarship. There is also the possibility of applying for funding towards the cost of attending a STEM-related summer course in U6 or L6.

Being a STEM scholar at LEH has opened up many opportunities for not only my time in school but for my future.

I have been able to talk to inspirational people like Melanie Ivarsson, the Chief Development Officer of Moderna. This was enlightening and strengthened my resolve to enter the field of Biological Sciences. I have continued to participate in fascinating initiatives such as the 'Window to the Stars' project run by Surrey University. This has shown me sides of Astrophysics I never would have been able to reach on my own, and the network of support and interesting connections that I have formed will surely be an asset to me in the future.

Within LEH there was a STEM Fair where I was not only able to submit my own project but also assist younger budding scientists with their research and projects. Additionally, I have presented small lessons to classes further down the school, relating information that is part of their specification to further education and information. Both of these experiences were not only interesting but rewarding. I have discovered the benefits of effective science communication and furthered my desire to use the opportunities and platforms I have in order to continually further STEM education within LEH.

Isabelle, STEM Scholar 2021-2023

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    The Biology Department aims to inspire pupils’ wonder in an appreciation of this exciting and dynamic subject. Biology’s wide ranging applications in healthcare, the environment and technology has significant potential to dramatically change the world we live in.

    Initially, we aspire to give students an appreciation of the molecules, structures and processes that begin to explain their experience of the living world. As pupils progress through the school, we strive to create opportunities to ask big questions, problem-solve and use scientific enquiry to test hypotheses. We seek to equip our Sixth Form students with the understanding, skills and enthusiasm to be able to pursue a future in the Biological Sciences, exploring ideas and current research well beyond the A level syllabus.

    Biology at LEH

    Product Design

    Product Design aims to broaden the experience, awareness and capability of students to design, develop and build prototype products which are not only examples of 'good design' but are in themselves 'designs for good' i.e. creating products which solve real problems for real people. 

    Product Design at LEH


    Physics is one of the core STEM subjects. The number of girls choosing Physics at A level is around 20%, more than double the national average. To inspire them in and outside the classroom the school has affiliations with the Institute for Research in Schools, giving access to cutting edge research tools and data. With field trips from Thorpe Park to CERN there is never a dull moment in the department.

    Physics at LEH


    All matter is made of chemicals and so Chemistry is the study of everything. In this rapidly changing technological world, Chemistry explains the environmental issues of the past and the developing greener processes of the future. We teach the fundamentals of Organic Chemistry to allow the developments of new pharmaceuticals and medical treatments. Understanding some Material Science explains the reasoning behind building design. Chemistry can take you anywhere.

    Chemistry at LEH

    Computer Science

    We live in a digital world, surrounded by technology in every area of life from socialising to transport to medicine. By studying Computer Science, students learn how algorithms are used to design and create the computer code that controls the techology around us. Pupils learn about cybersecurity and develop an understanding of the impact digital technology has on the individual and on wider society. 



    Mathematics is a much loved and popular subject at LEH. Students are active learners, developing their skills of reasoning and problem solving through discussion, group work and exciting activities. Students have ample opportunities to further their interest by competing in a variety of competitions, from the UKMT challenges to the Cipher Challenges and Olympiads.

    Maths at LEH


    The Psychology Department aims to encourage students to explore the world around them and make connections to everyday experiences with theory and studies in the field. The study of Psychology applies to all disciplines from health, to schools, to technology. The rapid developments that are happening in the field means that there is always something new to explore and inspire.

    Whilst studying Psychology in Sixth Form, students will learn the ground work to the subject with the various approaches and how each of these interprets the world. We then move on to social influences, development and psychopathology. At the core of the teaching is research methods which gives students the ground work to conducting, carrying out and analysing psychological  phenomenon.

    Our aim is to ensure the Sixth Form students have an understanding, are highly skilled and enthusiastic with the ability to explore ideas and research not only on the specification but well beyond the specification.