Learning at LEH

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Philosophy of teaching and learning at LEH

At LEH we believe in giving the pupils an education where excellent results are a by-product of that education rather than being the central focus.  We look for pupils with an intellectual curiosity and a love of learning which we aim to foster throughout their time at LEH.  We realise that intrinsic motivation in pupils comes from the appropriate level of challenge being given in their learning.  As a result, our curriculum is not limited by National Curriculum, GCSE or A level standards.  In fact, it could be argued that some of the examinations the pupils take in UIV are of a higher standard than a GCSE.

We believe our role at LEH is to develop a lifelong love of learning.  As a result, teachers aim to develop the pupils’ ownership of their own learning. This means that pupils are encouraged to find things out for themselves rather than just being “spoon fed” in order to pass an examination.  In IIIrds – UIV especially a ‘No Hands Up’ policy is encouraged: we want pupils to respond to questions even when they do not know the answer to help them learn how to learn.  Our language encourages pupils to adopt a Growth Mindset, so that they consider their ‘ability’ as something that is not fixed.  Therefore, there, is no ‘Gifted and Talented’ programme: the majority of pupils at LEH would be considered ‘Gifted’ by national standards and all of our academic provision is aimed at challenging the pupils.  In addition, comment only marking is encouraged since it teaches pupils to work on mastering the subject rather than just aiming for a better grade.  

The first three years

We offer a broad curriculum that includes traditional subjects such as Modern and Ancient Languages, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Arts, PE and Design Technologies. The girls also receive extensive training in computing, and our new state of the art Product Design and Computing facilities lead the way in the teaching of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects.

The GCSE years

Your daughter will be able to tailor a programme of study that aligns closely with her strengths and interests. Typically, she will study ten subjects, including English, Mathematics and the Sciences as complusory subjects. To ensure a broad and balanced spread of subjects, girls then also choose from the full range of subject areas: humanities, languages, creative and technological subjects. All the options are listed below. 

Support at every stage

Our girls emerge from their time at school as well-adjusted, informed citizens of the world thanks, in part, to weekly PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) sessions. These help to develop our girls’ communication skills and provide vital information on health, relationships and self-care tactics, as well as broadening their political and community awareness.

Our academic subjects include:
Art Drama French Mathematics
Biology D&T Product Design Geography Music
Chemistry D&T Textiles German Physics
Classical Greek (LV) English Literature & English Language History Religious Studies
Computer Science Food Preparation & Nutrition Latin Spanish



Explore our curriculum subjects

GCSE course guide 2019-2021

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A Level Course Guide 2019-2021

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A place of possibilities

Please click on the cover above to view our 'Place of Possibilities' Extra-Curricular Guide. There are many clubs and societies available to enrich academic studies.