Second Person Narrative - LV Play

It has been a pleasure to direct such a captivating, vibrant and touching play. Working alongside the cast of LV’s has been an absolute delight and we have been overwhelmed by their talent and dedication at every rehearsal. During the performances, we watched as they became storytellers, working together to capture the ensemble drive of the piece. As people were moved to the edge of laughter and tears, it became clear just how much this endearing story resonated with the audience. We have also been surprised by how often snippets of Jemma Kennedy’s truthful and relevant lines have jumped out at us in real life since the end of the process, whether it be in the Sixth Form common room or at a family lunch.

This is the first show that we have directed, and we can truly say that it will be one of the most cherished memories of our time at LEH. The process, of course, did not come without its challenges, and because of this we came away from it having gained a wealth of experience. We would do anything to relive our frequent meetings every break and the hunting down of cast members for rehearsals.

We cannot thank Miss Guttner enough for her invaluable support and guidance, and the tech crew for bringing our vision to life. Most importantly, thank you to the cast; we are so proud of everything that you have achieved and could not have wished for a more fulfilling and entertaining experience.

By Ella (LVIJ) and Sadie (LVIH) - Directors of Second Person Narrative

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