PSHE Programme

The health and well-being of our students is LEH's highest priority. We work together with specialist professionals who provide the best possible advice and care through our wide and varied PSHE curriculum which runs throughout the Junior and Senior School. Our programme is concerned with maintaining optimal health, safety and wellness of every student so they thrive both socially and academically.

Please click on the cover below for full details of the LEH Wellbeing Programme in the Senior School. 

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Below are some of the specialist professionals we welcomed to LEH Senior School during the last academic year, of whom a number also presented talks specifically for parents - the LEH Parent Talks. 

Speaker's Name / Institution Topic of Talk Target Year Group
Dick Moore - The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust Mental Health PSHE LV
Bob Tait - LACAUK

Substance Misuse 

Emma Robertson - DAUK Digital Awareness PSHE IIIrds
Esther Hardy - All about RSE Relationship & Sex Education in and Gender Identity PSHE LIV, UIV, LV, UV & UVI
Finn Greig & Simon Croft - Gendered Intelligence Trans awareness LV
Emma Cole - Positive Voice HIV/AIDS PSHE LV
David Castle - Plan 4 Safety Personal Safety PSHE LV
Natasha Devon MBE - Gossip School / Self Esteem Team Self esteem and body confidence PSHE LIV & UV
Sheila Lousada - Young Happy Minds Young happy minds PSHE IIIrds
Esther Hardy Safety and babysitting PSHE UIV
Dr Lisa Knoll - Blackmore Neuroscience lab UCL Teenage brain development PSHE UIV

Deana Puccio - The RAP project (Rape awareness & prevention)

Empowerment of young women PSHE UV
Fiona Spargo-Mabbs - Spargo Mabbs Foundation Dan’s story about the dangers of drugs PSHE UV
Lorin Lafave - The Breck Foundation Play virtual / Live real PSHE LV
Yasmine Chinwala (Alumna) - New Financial Managing your finances PSHE LV