Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Balancing mind, body and spirit

We want your daughter to achieve her academic, creative and athletic potential. We also want her to be happy, well-adjusted and fulfilled. That’s why we’re there for her through every success and failure: the good times and the bad.


There’s always someone there to listen

Every girl has their form teacher who acts as her mentor, someone who teaches them every day, who helps them excel academically and develop their talents. Senior members of staff make it their priority to integrate pastoral care into every aspect of school life.

All forms have Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons once a week, during which friendship, behavioural issues and other concerns are discussed in an open and trusting way.

An informal House system provides extra social grouping across year groups. All new girls are allocated an older "buddy" from within their House and given an opportunity to compete in friendly House competition such as the House gala and Netball competitions. A School Council provides a forum for pupils to voice ideas and suggestions.

Friendships that last a lifetime

Our year groups are close knit and have a real sense of identity, and the House system provides opportunities for leadership responsibilities and for making friends across the School. The friendships girls forge will form an essential support network in the years to come.

We make physical and mental well-being our priority

We have two school nurses and girls can refer themselves to our counsellor at any time. We also hold classes and workshops to support their personal, social, health and economic education. Last year, our girls received age appropriate advice on a host of topics ranging from coping with stress and staying safe to health issues.

We take online security very seriously

We have a dedicated E-Safety Officer and a ‘cyber mentor’ system that trains UII pupils to talk to younger pupils about staying safe online.

Parents can talk to us

We greatly value our good relationships with parents. Parents' consultation evenings are held three times a year. There are written reports in July and half-term grade cards are also issued. In addition, parents are encouraged to contact the school at any time if they have any concerns about their child, whether academic or social. In the same way, teachers will contact parents with any concerns or queries. A weekly email newsletter is sent home to keep parents up to date with what is going on at school.