Outside the Classroom

“Pupils bring an overwhelmingly positive and exemplary approach to their work and activities and are highly efficient leaners”

ISI Report 2013

By providing an exciting and diverse programme of activities, the Sixth Form offers an ideal opportunity to further develop existing interests and skills and explore new ones. These significantly enhance the student’s academic progress and prepares them for challenges faced at university and beyond.

The programme touches on a range of topics that go beyond the traditional curriculum, including:

  • Leadership and bonding
  • Research, study and presentation skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Employability
  • Working with the local community
  • Stress management
  • Healthy eating
  • Personal safety
  • Breast cancer and HIV awareness
  • Yoga

As well as new activities, there are of course still wonderful opportunities in PE, Music and Drama. In PE, as well as being able to play competitively at the highest levels, there are also opportunities to pursue sports in a non-competitive sphere. As musicians, Sixth Formers often take leading roles in concerts  whilst for those with a dramatic bent, the House Drama Festival provides a chance for girls to write, direct and produce, as well as perform.

There are numerous Sixth Form trips over the course of the year, ranging from subject-specific day trips to residential courses and study trips abroad. Recent overseas trips have included Iceland, Paris, Munich, Barcelona, Australia and China.