National Schools Netball Tournament - First Round

On 19th November, the U14, U16 and U19 netball teams competed in the first round of the Nationals Schools Netball Tournament, held here at LEH. All three teams were in tough groups facing schools coming from all over Middlesex. The LEH teams put out a great performance in the group stages securing a place for all three teams in the semi-finals. Despite a great performance from both the U14 and U16, they narrowly missed out in qualifying for the next round. The U19's had an exciting goal for goal match against St Pauls where they won 14-13, securing a spot in the Regional round in January. Well done to all those who took part and represented LEH, the standard of netball shown was brilliant. Congratulations to the players of the tournament: Emily (UIVL), Cerys (UVQ), Abigail (UVS), Olivia (UVIH) and Lauren (UVIC).

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