Milano Trio Gymnastics Competition

On 1st December, six girls set off to the Milano Trio Gymnastics competition, in Streatham and Clapham. The U19 team, consisting of Charlotte (LVIE), Tabitha (UVIF), and Erin (UVS), faced competition against one other school. The U16 team, consisting of Mia (UIVL), Sophie (LVR), and Kira (UIVL), were up against 7 other schools in their round. Competing in individual floor, group floor, and vault competitions, the U19 secured the gold, beating the competition by 0.5 of a mark! The U16 team successfully won silver, just missing out on gold by 0.11 of a mark! The nail-biting competition was a success for all involved, and the teams will go on to compete in the Milano Trio National Finals in March.

A huge well done to our fabulous gymnasts! We look forward to seeing you sparkle at Nationals!

Gym 6 Gym 4 Gym 3 Gym 9