LEHMUN magazine 2018 1Over the last weekend in January, I had the great pleasure in taking part in LEH’s 10th Model United Nations Conference. For me, LEHMUN is always an incredible experience because of the excitement it brings to me: meeting new people, whilst debating about current affairs.

When I was in my first year here at LEH, this MUN conference stood out from all of the rest: I wrote my first resolution for MUN at an LEH conference. I realise how much LEHMUN means to me as it was and always will be my favourite conference of the year.

Every time I take part in a new conference I learn a great deal of new things: be it about the world affairs we are debating or just a different style of debate. As I have grown in confidence, I am no longer afraid to make speeches about resolutions and related topics; whereas before I would have just made a few points of information for the sake of trying to get my voice heard.

Not only is MUN amazing for developing knowledge of our modern world, but it is great for making new friends. Every year I meet new people at different conferences around the UK, and it is always great to see familiar faces. This year, at LEHMUN I was reunited with a girl from my committee last year, and we were able to exchange contacts in order to meet at future conferences.

If anyone is considering giving MUN a go, I would most definitely say ‘take the plunge’. It does not matter how nervous or confident you are, you can always develop your skills: you can never know until you give it a go!

I would also like to thank Miss Monteil for organising the conference this year, as it was an amazing success.

By Jade (LVP)

The LEHMUN 2018 Secretariat also produced a magazine 'The ComMUNity Times' which features highlights from this year's conference. To view, please click on the cover. 

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