LEH Wellbeing Day 2017

On World Mental Health Day, Tuesday 10 October, students and staff at Lady Eleanor Holles School learned techniques to self-manage their mental and physical health and wellbeing.  Coming off-timetable for the day, pupils and staff spent the day learning Community, Physical, Creative and Mindful self-help strategies to promote their own wellbeing.

Activities included brain training for emotional resilience, techniques to “rewire your anxious brain”, a Sleep Clinic, creative and mindful responses to Art, a Mindspace Garden Project, where students helped create a tranquil space in the school’s grounds where they may spend time alone or with friends, yoga, and visits to the ‘dog pound,’ to pet and walk four cuddly canines.

LEH Wellbeing Day is part of a comprehensive pastoral programme that is now integral to the school’s ethos. “The aim of the Programme is to help pupils to find balance and fulfilment in their sometimes hectic lives. By understanding how their bodies and minds function, we believe they can learn to look after themselves better during times of stress” Heather Hanbury, LEH’s Head Mistress stated.

LEH has a strong commitment to the development of good emotional and mental health, which links to all schools’ responsibility as CAMHS Tier 1 Mental Health providers. Heather Hanbury added, “This investment of time in developing our pupils’ ability to manage their own wellbeing is vital at a time when mental health services are increasingly stretched.”

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