LEH vs. Hampton Charity Lacrosse Match

On 19th April, the charity committee organised the annual Hampton vs LEH lacrosse match. This match involved the UVI rugby players from Hampton and the UVI lacrosse players from LEH. The match was much anticipated by both schools and students came to support their side in the summer weather. All spectators paid to watch the match, with all funds raised being donated to the charities supported this year by the two schools. The match began with LEH scoring the first goal followed by quick retaliation from the boys, resulting in the play flying up and down the pitch. Great saves came from both goalies with tension rising between the two teams. Soon into half time a powerful shot was slung into the back of the net by Hampton and cheers were heard from across the pitch. By the end of the game, there had been both Hampton and LEH players on the ground, balls lost, rules broken, as well as skill shown by both teams and the traditional swapping of kit of course. In the end, LEH claimed a 5-1 victory, topping off the successful 2017-18 season.

By Elizabeth (LVIF) – Charity Committee

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