LEH Sports Day 2017

DSCN1500On June 5, LEH was alive with colour and activity for our annual Sports Day. The sun was blistering hot from early on in the morning and so the decision was made to hold the longer-distance races (800m and 1500m) in the morning. The whole school watched and supported the girls running. Rounders and tennis followed, and some exciting matches were played as the temperature continued to rise. The IIIs cheer-leading competition took place after this. Performing routines that have been rehearsed over the last term with the support and guidance from LVI students, the younger girls put on an excellent display. The PE Department judged the performances across a criteria of use of space, chant, formations, sharpness and synchronicity. Tyrconnel house were judged overall winners for combining ingenious lyrics with well executed acrobatics and formations. The competitive atmosphere reached a peak during the Tug of War competition, which was witnessed by fierce cheers and support from the entire school. Despite some initial foul-play due to fielding a few too many ‘tuggers’, once again Tyrconnel emerged victorious with wins across the lower-school and LVI teams. The break for lunch was greeted with relief by the entire school and girls disappeared to the shade to enjoy ice-creams and re-charge ahead of the afternoon’s athletics track and field competition.

The athletics in the afternoon ran like clock-work and – usually from the leafy shade - each house provided vociferous support for their representative in track or field events. More records were knocked down across the year-groups and the afternoon culminated in the much anticipated relay races. The LVI ‘fun relay’ was greatly enjoyed by participants and spectators alike, as teams of 8 tackled 50m shuttles with egg and spoon, hoola-hoops, wheel-barrow racing and moving a ball around the body at all times. Laughter and smiles were, however, not so prevalent in the final relay: the LVI vs. House Staff relay-race is always a highly competitive affair taken extremely seriously by (most) students and (all) staff and the tension was high as the starter-gun was raised into the air. With a lightning-quick start from Miss Williams (PE), Tyrconnel blazed ahead of the competition. To roaring cheers from a crowd along the final 100m, Mr Mitchell (Maths) completed the final leg and, head down, crossed the line in first place. For the first time in recent memory, a Staff team emerged victorious (graciously), in a truly spectacular and exciting race.

The sun continued to shine down on the crowds as Mrs Hanbury announced the winning House in each year group for each form. The Grand Total of house points was withheld, and the overall winner of Sports Day is to be announced in the end-of-term Assembly where the House Trophy is awarded.

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