LEH Science Week 2018

The much anticipated Science Week was kick-started with an inspiring talk from Detective Superintendent Tor Garnett, resulting in the majority of the school wanting to join her force – even the teachers! She embodied the school motto, encouraging boldness and explored the practical applications of science that are essential for her everyday job. Following this, the UIIs to LV girls really enjoyed the Atmospheric Chemistry Lecture from Professor Tim Harrison.

Tuesday treated us to an engaging and enlightening talk from Professor Robert Winston, something many of the girls and teachers alike had been awaiting with great excitement. His talk comprised of discoveries, anecdotes and advice. Some of the girls were lucky enough to attend a light lunch with the Professor himself, enabling them to delve into deeper questions and hear his incredible achievements and experiences in the medical and political fields.

Open to all was a fascinating lunchtime demo from NPL on the incredible properties of liquid nitrogen on Wednesday. The sixth formers then enjoyed a competitive and stimulating quiz, joint with the Hampton scientists. After a hard-fought opening round, testing knowledge of 20th century scientists in Lego, the girls and boys faced rounds on Biology, Chemistry, Physics and general knowledge.

The week came to a close with an interesting talk from our very own Psychology department to the whole school, which gave the younger pupils an insight into the fundamentals of Psychology. Finally, the LIIs to LIVs received an interactive experience from the Amazing Bug Man.

Helena Atkin LIVC2

Many congratulations to Helena (LVIC), who won the Science Week Art and Photography Competition with her incredible pencil sketch of a chimpanzee.

By Emily, Anna and Jessica (LVI) 

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Below is a gallery of the entries submitted for the LEH Science Week Art and Photography Competition 2018. 


Alexia Hennessey 2 Taramit 1 Aisha Taramit Heng Veronica Mr Hayter Freddie image1 Alex H Isavelle Balliache Sofia A M Lilly Zielinski-Hoyos L4L Natasha Bhohi Aishling Mrs Jansz Emilia L charlotte gregory Catherine King 2 K Crook Taramit 3 Chloe Sedg Chloe sedge 2 Avni Ladwa 3X-2 Ruhi loves chemistry Helena Atkin LIVC1 Alexia Hennessey