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8895 LEH PSHE Parent Talks flyer v4_Page_2We want your daughter to achieve her academic, creative and athletic potential. We also want her to be happy, well-adjusted and fulfilled. That’s why we’re there for her through every success and failure: the good times and the bad.

And we’re here to support you too, because we recognise raising a teenager can be challenging. Our experienced staff have organised a series of Parent Talks on important issues given by experts in their field.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event.


Please book your place through the Trybooking system. LEH parents will find the Trybooking link on the homepage of the Parents Portal. 


The full programme for 2017-2018 is as follows:

Substance Misuse - Thursday 5th October 2017 at 7pm (at LEH) with Speaker Bob Tait LACAUK Ltd. 

Our Speaker: With over 28 years of service, Bob Tait LACAUK Ltd. worked as an RN Policeman dealing with drug-related issues, including undercover work in Drugs Intelligence. Since 2004, Bob has worked with young drug users, young offenders and in schools (including LEH), giving powerful and well-informed presentations.


Mental Health - Thursday, 23rd November 2017 at 5pm (at LEH) with speaker Dick Moore (Charlie Waller Trust)

Our speaker:  Dick Moore (Charlie Waller Trust) has spoken at over 150 schools in the UK and overseas, together with talks at major Conferences and at assorted businesses.  Has has also appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live and various local BBC radio stations.

Who claimed that adolescence is just a phase?  Who suggested that being a parent is easy? Dick Moore, the parent of four often errant children and a headmaster for almost 23 years, has now embarked upon a mission to discover more about what makes young people tick and what he could or should have done during the tough times!  He has a passion for adolescent mental health and will be exploring what mental health is, offering thoughts about how young people think and about common issues which can arise when the going gets tough. Finally, he will offer some tongue-in-cheek tips for parenthood…..


Digital Awareness - Thursday, 30th November 2017 at 7pm (at LEH) with Digital Awareness UK presenting

Digital Awareness UK is the leading social media safety organisation in the UK. Their team of industry recognised experts are partnering with LEH to ensure both students and parents are equipped to enjoy using social and digital media safely and responsibly. At a time when the digital landscape is evolving at such speed, Digital Awareness UK invites parents to join them for a social media safety crash course.  At the session you will hear about key trends in social media consumption amongst young people and leave you feeling empowered to effectively advise your children on issues such as cyberbullying, security and their online reputation.


Self-Esteem and Body Confidence - Thursday, 8th March 2018 at 7pm (at LEH) with speaker Natasha Devon (www.selfesteemteam.org) 

Our speaker: Natasha Devon (www.selfesteemteam.org) is a writer, campaigner & television pundit. She is founder of the multi award-winning Self Esteem Team (www.selfesteemteam.org) and co-founder of the charity Body Gossip (www.bodygossip.org). Natasha writes regularly for the Independent, the Telegraph and has a column in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Her book ‘Fundamentals: A Guide for Parents & Teachers on Mental Health & Self-Esteem’ was published in January 2015 and her latest title ‘The Self-Esteem Team’s Guide to Sex, Drugs & WTFs?!’ is also available since August 2015. The Self Esteem Team have worked with more than 45,000 teenagers of both genders from throughout the UK, as well as teachers and parents. Natasha was named a Mental Health Association ‘Hero’ in 2012, one of Ernst & Young’s top 50 Social Entrepreneurs in 2013 and ‘Ultimate Campaigner’ in the Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards 2012.


SRE (Sex & Relationships Education) 'The Inbetweeners....' - Tuesday, 24th April 2018 at 7pm (at Hampton School) with speaker Esther Hardy (www.allaboutsre.co.uk)

Our speaker: Esther Hardy (www.allaboutsre.co.uk) works at LEH and Hampton School as well as in many other London schools delivering sexual health education. The aim of the evening is to help parents understand what it is like for young people living in a very ‘sexualised’ culture and to encourage and support parents in talking to their children about some of the issues.


'There have been some excellent sessions for parents organised by LEH on key issues relevant to teenagers and their development and, as a result, the challenges of being a parent of a teenager.  I have found the sessions, especially those on challenging subjects like sex, drugs and mental health, engaging and pragmatic.

Feedback from a parent of an UV girl












The Friends of LEH invite you to a series of talks delivered by The Parent Practice, which will specifically focus on raising girls.                                                               

PLACES ARE LIMITED TO THE FIRST 300 LEH PARENTS - tickets are free and can be booked through the Trybooking link on the Parent Portal


Session 1 - Girls - Perfectionism and Self Esteem - Monday 29th January 2018 - 7pm - 8.30pm

This workshop looks at issues that are especially relevant to girls; how girls are different and how parents can help them develop resilience and healthy self esteem. This workshop will provide practical tips parents can use to bring up daughters who are strong, self-confident and willing to try new things, and will also help you help them ditch the perfectionism that can be so self-limiting.

Join us for some top tips to ensure your daughters have strong self esteem.


Session 2 - Raising Girls - Friendships - Thursday 22nd February 2018 -  7pm - 8.30pm

Relationships are very important to girls.  At different stages in their lives they will have different needs from their various relationships and will manage them differently but to be successful in this key area of their lives girls need some crucial social skills.

Find out how to help your daughters choose good friends and be good friends themselves. This workshop looks at what to do when you don’t like your daughter’s friends and what to do when she falls out with her friends or she’s subject to bullying.


Session 3 - Connecting with your daughter, the power of words - Monday 5th March 2018 - 7pm - 8.30pm

Girls are growing up in an era of ‘girl power’ where they are encouraged to believe they are capable of anything, but they are also facing challenges and pressures in ways they never have before. Perhaps those two conflicting forces come together to create a situation where girls struggle to voice what they need and how they feel. Sometimes their words come out mean and then parents struggle with words too. Parents need to be careful to listen to the real message behind her words and to respond with compassion and understanding.

Join us for some top tips on how to decipher the codes so that we can understand what are daughters are longing for us to know.