LEH in the News

DSC_0507 cropped squareMrs Hanbury's latest blog about Learning and Sleeping seems to have created a bit of a buzz in the press this week. The initiative was to encourage your daughter to enjoy her little LEH alarm clock and sleep well, with NO technology in her bedroom. 

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If you would like to view any of the coverage LEH has received, please click on the links below.

10 October: The Times, page 16; “School raises alarm over phones in bedroom” and online. Please click on the PDF below to read. 

11 October:

On 12 October, Mrs Hanbury was interviewed on BBC London Radio drive time at about 6.20pm and the early evening BBC London News. Please click on the image to watch BBC London News segment. 


13 October:

On 15 October, Mrs Hanbury participated in a debate on 'Are teachers being asked to take on the role of parents?' on Sunday Morning Live on BBC1.