LEH and Hampton LVI Leadership Course

On a sunny weekend in May in the New Forest, 100 LEH and Hampton LVI students embarked on an activity packed few days, where we explored the aspects of leadership.

DSCN2793The weekend began with our mixed groups, many of which we had never met before, being dropped off in various locations around the New Forest.  The aim of this task was to bond with our teams, whilst completing various activities, such as building a tent blindfolded. For some groups this was very unsuccessful but broke the ice by setting up inside jokes for the rest of the weekend.  One of the most popular activities was high ropes, where teams excelled in encouraging their more nervous members to extend their limits.  This was clear in ‘Jacobs ladder’, where key communication skills were tested, where the teams had to work together under the pressure of being at such great heights. Throughout the weekend there were various discussions about leadership. To begin with, opinions between Hampton and LEH students were divided, however, by the end we considered each other’s views and could agree on what it took to be a good leader. This included finding peoples’ strengths within a team, listening to our team as well as asserting authority where needed. Despite the serious nature of the weekend, it helped us to form a close bond with people we would not have otherwise spoken to in a fun, open atmosphere. From the weekend, many close friendships have been formed, which will help us with leadership roles in the coming year. Overall, it was an exciting three days, which we whole-heartedly recommend to next year’s Lower Sixth. 

Written by Isla (LVIB)

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