Our expectation is that all pupils join us in Form 1 (Year 3) and stay with us right until the end of Sixth Form. At the end of Upper 2 (Year 6) the vast majority of pupils transfer to the Senior School.  The Junior School is situated on the same 24 acre site as the Senior School and during your daughter’s time in the Junior School, she will use facilities in the Senior School and will get to know some of the Senior School teachers; a useful introduction to life in the Seniors. During the Summer Term of Upper 2 (Year 6), pupils take part in a detailed PSHE and wellbeing programme about moving up to Senior School and the challenges it involves. Support for parents is also provided at this stage in the form of a parent talk about how to help prepare your child for the transition to Senior School. This is normally given by an external speaker such as the Raising Resilience team of psychologists.

Parents all have an opportunity to view the Senior School as prospective parents, and we invite Junior School parents into the Senior School to become familiar and comfortable with what we hope will be your daughter’s future School.

Junior pupils in Science lesson during day at Senior school
  • Parents of pupils in Year 3 and 4 are invited to visit the Senior School for a tour with Year 8 pupils, giving you the chance to see the Senior School in action.
  • In the Summer term of Year 5, parents are invited to attend a special Open Morning consisting of a talk from Head Mistress Mrs Cole and a tour of the school.
  • Also in the Summer term of Year 5, pupils spend a day as a Senior School pupil, having a chance to get a feel for life in the Senior School.

Stepping up to Thirds (year 7)

To ease the nerves of transitioning to Senior School, in the summer term of Upper 2 (Year 6) we invite all Junior School pupils joining in the following September (including pupils joining from external schools) for ‘Moving up day’, spending the day with their new Form Tutor and classmates, whilst participating in lots of fun activities.
Come September, on the first day of term, we invite just the new Thirds (Year 7) into school the day before the rest of the Senior School returns. This gives the new pupils a chance to settle in and find their way around whilst the school environment is quieter.

There is also the exciting option to take part in a residential Team-Building weekend during the Autumn term for the entire Thirds year group. This is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends across the year group and learn the true meaning of team-work.

Moving On Up!

Knowing the move from Junior to Senior School is a big step, Mrs Mortimer (Head of Junior School) & Mrs Sinnett (Head of Middle School) share their advice for ensuring a smoother transition from Junior to Senior School. Click here to read more. 



3 students walking into LEH School


Life at LEH School