Junior School News

  • UIK Family Assembly
    On 9th February, we enjoyed UIK’s assembly on Anglo-Saxons. The girls looked fantastic in their costumes and thank you very much to Mrs Kent-Skorsepova for helping the girls put on a wonderful performance....
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  • Pre-teens need help to develop social media resilience
    A recent study for the Children’s Commissioner looked at the impact of social media on 11 and 12 year olds as they move into senior school. The children were described as “falling off a cliff edge”: suddenly having access to new phones and new techno...
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  • UIDB Family Assembly
    A big well done to UIDB who performed their family assembly brilliantly on 2nd February. Their theme was accepting and embracing our differences and the importance of being kind to all....
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  • IH Family Assembly
    On 26th January, Form IH were very excited to perform their assembly about Kindness. ...
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  • UII Debating Workshop
    The debating workshop was great fun and I learnt a lot. My favourite part was when we were put into teams and were given a topic we had to debate....
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