House Drama Festival 2018

The end of November saw the culmination of eight weeks’ hard work with a glorious morning of entertainment at the hotly anticipated House Drama performances on 28th November. Girls across the year groups worked together in a fabulous example of teamwork and collaboration. All the plays were different in style and content and showcased the huge talent we have at LEH. Well done to everyone involved, including to our winners:

Tyrconnel - Friends – ‘The One with Portia’

Best Supporting: Marika (LVP)

Stand out performer: Sonya (IIIU)


De Vere - She’s the Man

Best Supporting: Katherine (IIIU)

Stand out performer: Freddi (LVQ)


Holles - Top Girls

Best Supporting: Sanna (LVQ)

Stand out performer: Sophie (LIVM)


Fitzwilliam - Saint Joan and Others

Best Supporting: Grace (LIVM)

Stand out performer: Amy (LVQ)

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