House Drama 2017

A firm favourite in the LEH calendar, House Drama was a fantastic success on 29th November.  Organised, produced and directed entirely by our sixth form girls, the drama was once again testament to the huge capacity our girls have to be ambitious and creative.  Lucinda (LVI) reports:

‘On 29th November, students and staff gathered to watch the highly-anticipated House Drama Festival. We were treated to performances ranging from ‘The Famous Five’ to ‘Outnumbered’, starring pupils from Thirds to Lower Fifth and directed by girls in the Lower Sixth. The cast and crew had worked extremely hard to produce the plays in a short space of time, and every house produced plays of an extremely high standard. The quality of acting was exceptional, and was a true representation of the theatrical talent at LEH.

Awards go to:

De Vere – Outnumbered

Best Actress: Ana (IIIX)

Best Supporting Actress: Sophie (LIVL)


Fitzwilliam – Alice in Wonderland

Joint Best & Supporting Actress: Amy (UIVX) & Libby (IIIX)


Tyrconnel – A Platform for Murder

Best Actress: Alannah (LVR)

Best Supporting Actress: Phoebe (LIVY)


Holles - Famous Five

Best Actress: Sophie (IIIM)

Best Supporting Actress: Genevieve (IIIL)


The Drama Festival was a fantastic opportunity for the Lower Sixth to experience responsibility, and for the pupils involved to build friendships between the various year groups.

Thank you to Mrs Richardson and the Drama Department for all their assistance with the Drama Festival, and to Mr Oxborrow, Dr Tait and Miss Guttner for adjudicating the competition.

By Mrs Poyner – Senior Assistant Head (Pastoral and Co-curricular)

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