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  • Finding education's sweetspot
    Posted in the Head Mistress's Blog on 15.03.2018
    Mrs Hanbury wants Sixth Formers to leave school as well-rounded individuals with a strong sense of themselves. Read Mrs Hanbury's article which was first published in The Week Independent Schools Guide Spring/Summer 2018. ...
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  • Pre-teens need help to develop social media resilience
    Posted in the Head Mistress's Blog on 09.02.2018
    A recent study for the Children’s Commissioner looked at the impact of social media on 11 and 12 year olds as they move into senior school. The children were described as “falling off a cliff edge”: suddenly having access to new phones and new techno...
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  • Building Confidence and Resilience
    Posted in the Head Mistress's Blog on 02.11.2017
    I am minded to write about this subject again, given the recent article in the Telegraph, where Lauren Child, the Children’s Laureate, stated the importance of allowing children to get on with their lives without being micro-managed by parents or tea...
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  • Learning and sleeping
    Posted in the Head Mistress's Blog on 11.10.2017
    LEH students will be returning home this afternoon with a branded LEH alarm clock – let me explain why……...
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  • LEH Girls' Life
    Posted in the Head Mistress's Blog on 29.09.2017
    I spoke to the Sixth Form in assembly this morning about the shocking state of girls’ media, comparing two on-line magazines: “Girls’ Life” and “Boys’ Life”....
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