Hampton School Links

Hampton School Links

The school is situated next door to Hampton School, an independent school for boys, with whom we enjoy many links to the great benefit of all our pupils.

Mission Statement

Lady Eleanor Holles and Hampton School value the integrity of single-sex education for girls and boys with all the resulting advantages for specialisation and focus in learning styles, emotional, psychological and pastoral education.

Both are committed to:

  • Exploiting to the fullest advantage for the benefit of their pupils the tradition of co-operation which we believe offers the “best of both worlds”
  • Seeking and enhancing all areas of mutual co-operation and joint activity to the benefit of both schools, their staff and pupils

To achieve this, the schools have developed a Joint Liaison Committee to oversee, promote and celebrate the strong and ever-growing links between them.

There are many areas of co-operation between the two schools, including the following:

  • Millennium Boat House
  • Annual Joint Musical and other drama productions
  • Joint Choral Society
  • Modern Language Exchanges
  • CCF
  • Service Volunteers and Community Service
  • Talk! Programme and Senior Café
  • Joint Form Charity Events
  • Joint Careers Events
  • Preparation for University
  • Shared coach service