Gym Display 2018

Gym display logo1This year’s Gymnastics Display inspired the minds and hearts of the audience, taking them on a journey into “A World of Pure Imagination”.

The show on both nights began with a solo singing piece by Anastasia (UIVY), performing the Willy Wonka theme song accompanied by a string quartet made up of Soo Young (IIIY), Megan (IIIX), Catherine (IIIX), and Sarah (IIIL). All middle school classes followed with their own devised performances, with themes including Zombies, Neverland, the Circus, Aliens, Heroes and Villains, and Mystical Forest.

The gymnastics squad performed a variety of performances, drawing the audience in with their impeccable choreography and skill execution with their finale piece of the show “Angels and Demons”.

The gymnastics club delivered a stunning performance too, taking on the theme of “Dolls”. The junior gymnasts brought smiles and laughs to the show with their performance of “Mary Poppins”.

The annual Gymnastics Display was a huge success, with the girls showcasing their phenomenal talent and putting on an incredible show.  

By Miss Worden - Teacher of P.E.

All images by Big Image Photography and are available for parents to buy through their website.  

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