Growing Up in a Conflict Zone -Mrs Hanbury's Remarkable Women Lecture

In the latest of the Remarkable Women Lecture Series, Head Mistress, Heather Hanbury, gave a compelling talk about Growing Up in a Conflict Zone, based on her childhood experiences of living in Northern Ireland.

Attended by current pupils, parents, staff and alumnae, the talk captured the imagination of the audience as Mrs Hanbury gave a brief history of the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland and explained how she had lived alongside soldiers and other paramilitary groups in times of uncertainty and distrust.

As she spoke we imagined what it would be like as a child to lie awake in bed and hear gunfire and the explosion of bombs, and to be searched every time you entered Belfast city centre to go shopping.

Despite the “Troubles”, Mrs Hanbury spoke of a very happy childhood. She knew no different from the world she was growing up in, and she explained that people “just got on with it” as part of everyday life.

All money raised from the Lecture will be donated to the Bursary Fund.