Faraday Friday

In addition to being the anniversary of the Emperor Vespasian’s death, and the birthday of both Edward VIII and Duffy; June 23 2017 was also International Women in Engineering Day. To celebrate this notable occasion last Friday, the LIVth engaged in a day of activities designed to explore and develop their ideas of engineering and problem solving.

The morning began with teams of girls racing to get through as many logic problems as possible. After 40 minutes Team Genies triumphed and the year group was split into halves. Half the girls then went to work designing a novel application using micro:bits, tiny programmable micro controllers with a range of sensors and outputs. They worked in teams to develop and program a working solution to a real life problem and used an iPad application to present their ideas. We were bowled over by their enthusiasm and initiative as well as their coding. Ideas included a CPR aid timer which flashed in rhythm and gave information on how to help, a multisensory toy for babies, an allergy and medical information alert, several types of exercise and fitness monitor, a 5-a-day counter, a metronome, a musical tuner, a room temperature alert and a sports scorer.

DSC_00081The remainder of the year group met some cute little guys called Ozobots which can be instructed to follow a line and, by introducing coloured codes along the line, can be made to change direction, speed up, slow down and flash in a variety of colours. They spent the next hour and a half designing a bridge that could get the Ozobot from one table to another, then using lines and coding to complete a series of tasks. We had Ozobots collecting Ozobiscuits, line dancing (singly and in pairs) and moving from one point to another using the shortest possible route. As if this was not exciting enough, the girls also made a trip to the costume shop where fabric, sequins, mini pomp oms and a variety of other decorative materials were available for them to use in order to make little Ozobot costumes.

After lunch the groups were swapped so that all girls had the opportunity to try out all the different activities. The girls worked immensely hard, and staff were seriously impressed with the skills and innovation that were shown over the course of the day. After much thought and deliberation, winning teams were selected for each of the morning and afternoon tasks, and the day was rounded off with ice lollies in the Holly Club garden.

Huge thanks must go to Mrs Stewart and to Mr Bicknell for preparing and organising all the activities for the day.

Written by Mrs Jeffery – STEM Co-Ordinator

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