British Schools Acrobatics Regional Competition

On 18th March, we took part in the British Schools Acrobatics Regional Competition, hosted at LEH.

In the U14’s Women’s Pair category, Ellie (IIIX) and Aisling (LIVL) placed 8th, and Sonia (UIVM) and Mathumita (IIIX) placed 7th.

In the U19 Women’s Pair category, Auriel (LVP) and Emily (LVP) placed 5th, and Francesca (LVP) and Miriam (LVP) placed 4th.

In the U14 group competition, Ellie, Aisling and Mathumita came 4th.

In the U19 group competition, Auriel, Emily, Francesca, Miriam, Sonia and Ashling came 3rd

Well done to all the girls who took part for some amazing performance and brilliant results, and a special thank you to Miss Monteil for all her hard work coaching the acrobatics team this year!

British Schools Acrobatics