Award Report - Alisha Barnett

I have now returned from Thailand and cannot thank LEH enough for the donation to Project Thailand. The programme went without a hitch (excluding the odd flood, stomach bug and mosquito!) and the water filtration system was successfully completed. We did our best to help with the construction but I think we ended up providing more entertainment for the workers rather than physical help!

alisha barnett.jpgWhilst in the village, we learnt that organ failure as a result of unclean water was the single biggest health threat, over malaria, to the villagers and so the new water filtration system that you have contributed to will have an even bigger impact that we first imagined. The villagers were so grateful for this contribution and made us feel instantly at home and welcome. The Headman was even keen for one of us to marry his son by the end!

Teaching in the school was also very successful and hugely rewarding. The children were absolutely adorable and unbelievably keen to learn English. They are used to being taught by videos and so having real teachers was a big treat for them.

Alisha Barnett, LEH 1998-2005