Entry Procedure

LEH School grounds from the back of the field
4 students in Geography classroom
5 students sitting in Junior playground
LIV Geography trip on cliffs
Sixth Form chemistry experiment - students checking levels on experiment
7+ Entry

All applicants will complete Mathematics and English assessments and may be invited to attend an observed problem-solving activity session. 

11+ Entry

We are aware that the Summer Term proved a very mixed educational experience for our prospective pupils and we wish to take this into account when setting our 11+ entrance examinations this year.  It is our aim to make our 11+ assessments equally accessible to all of our candidates.  We have therefore decided to remove the Maths and English papers for our January 2021 entrance assessments. Candidates will sit papers in:

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes)
  • Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes)
  • Problem solving paper (15 minutes)
Sixth Form

For entry to the Sixth Form, applicants take papers in the subjects which they propose to study in the Sixth Form.  Specimen papers are not provided.

Occasional Vacancies

Occasional Vacancy applicants for the Junior School follow the same admissions process as the 7+ entrants.  Applicants into the Senior School (for years 8, 9 & 10) sit entrance examinations in Maths, English and one Modern Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish) and may also be interviewed.

Please note: LEH does not support or encourage tutoring prior to the entrance examinations nor do we support or endorse any tutor. 

Applications are accepted during the year prior to the proposed year of admission to the school. Applications for entry to the Sixth Form in September 2021 should be received by Friday 9th October 2020. All other applications for entry to the Junior or Senior Schools should be received by Wednesday 25th November 2020. 


Entrance Exam Dates

admissions process for september 2021 entry

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