Public Benefit Provision

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Through its Public Benefit activities, the school endeavours to foster the aims of its founder by engaging with local, national and international bodies, building strong relations with the local community and encouraging its pupils to contribute positively, willingly and with altruism, for the greater good. To further these aims, the school's Community Links Working Party has devised the following Mission Statement for the school's community activities, alongside which all our current and future Public Benefit and Community activities should be judged:

  • Acknowledge that by attending LEH, pupils receive an outstanding education, which brings with it responsibility to society;
  • Inculcate a culture of participation in the service of the community, locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Raise pupils' awareness of issues which challenge their perceptions of others;
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to engage in activities with members of the local community, in particular school children and the elderly;
  • Provide a stimulating extra-curricular programme which embraces engagement with national and international bodies;
  • Engage the whole school in charitable giving;
  • Facilitate the use of the school buildings by groups and schools in the local area;
  • Develop educational partnerships with local cluster schools.


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feltham college partnership

Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) joined with Reach Academy and Hampton School as joint partners behind a ground-breaking new sixth form college for Feltham.

Opened in September 2022, Feltham College is an innovative model of post-16 education, based on an alliance of state and independent educators alongside leaders from the business and health sectors. It is a centre of academic and vocational excellence offering choice and opportunity to the young people of Feltham.

Feltham College’s academic courses are supported by Hampton and LEH - building on the relationship of trust that has developed at all levels over the past 10 years, and ensuring that across the board, academic courses are highly effective and set pupils up for success.

Vocational courses at Feltham College are similarly supported by thriving partnerships: Kingston University and East London Arts & Music Academy, as well as Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and award-winning London restauranteur Jacob Kenedy will all provide valuable expertise and opportunities for the young people who attend the new college.

Our partnership’s shared ambition is for Feltham College to be a centre of academic and vocational excellence at the heart of Feltham, playing a key role in rejuvenating a historically deprived area of the UK and offering transformative opportunities to the young people of Feltham.

why partnership is important?

The following video, filmed by Independent Schools Council - ISC explains why this partnership is so important: 'We are going to change and level the playing field for all children'

Public Benefit Initiatives

Thanks to you

We are incredibly proud of everything that we achieved together last year. For a small taster of all the amazing outreach and charitable activities you helped us to accomplish, please watch this short video.